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Thread: Feedback - New gear concerns

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    Feedback - New gear concerns

    Ive found that the more i upgrade my gear the more my stats will change to high dodge low block with and avg amount of parry.

    With the changes in 3.2 to our Spell Power im not even sure what i should be gemming for.

    My current link is:

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I use a 969 tanking rotation, i do go oom on trash, i pull everything to try and take some damage.

    Since patch ive noticed a TPS drop, im assuming this is my main set having a block value of 15%, my block set puts me around 27% but with trash not lasting long enough i cbf changing gear each time.

    I currently tank up to ToC 25 and have no issues with boss threat or damage taken.

    Would really love any feedback as im not new to tanking but with work/life commitments im unable to keep up with all the changes.

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    I too have noticed a TPS drop since 3.2 came out.
    Since you asked I'll give ya what I know or have made myself fimiliar with:
    Never gem for parry not until you are about 2:1 parry over dodge (1.88:1) is the actual number but even at your gear lvl you aren't there. So stick w/dodge as it still diminishes slower and is more bang for the buck.
    Maybe some of the treat issues are in the build. You are in a SotP build and no reckoning which is limiting your threat. Going to a conviction/crusade might add some of that threat you are losing.
    As for the Mana issue, you have 2/2 in SA and 1/5 in benediction so that shouldn't be problems in raids really. Less on the concercrate and judge mana might help. Keeping Divine plea going is also a must.

    Last note, remember that SotP is a flat 15% damage on judgement where as conviction/Crusade help group DPS and add to your threat by crits on melee and most spells which is a 200% attack.

    I see you gemmed str already, which is our #1 threat stat and will only get better in 3.2.2. Keep is my advice.
    Hope this helps, cause I didn't know where you were going w/the questions.

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    Certainly did help me and thank you.

    Will change my build and see how threat goes on trash.

    Consecrate is in my rotation for trash so ill halve it atleast and see how i go.

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    I use this build for a threat oriented build. The points i've spent in Imp HoJ are solely based on my playstyle and could be placed almost anywhere else you wanted. I do not recommend Divinity because it just doesn't perform. If you don't like the Imp HoJ option, i would suggest putting them in DivSac and Divine Guardian I assume you're using SoV seeing as how you use that glyph.

    One thing that you didn't tell us is what kind of trash you are going oom on? Is it all AoE trash packs, single target pulls, or is it really all trash? I find that i use slightly more of my mana on single target pulls mostly because they tend to be bigger slower hitting mobs and BoSanctuary isn't providing as much mana back. My raid leader and i will often leapfrog each other on trash packs and call one of the healers forward to keep us alive while the dps kill the last pack, this helps to ensure that i keep Divine Plea up most of the time and also that i'm constantly procing BoSanctuary.

    As far as gear goes, there are several pieces you could pick up in order to increase your BV and hit for a trash set including Wyrmguard Legplates and Shieldwarder Girdle which are readily available for Emblems of Conquest. I've also found that switching to Darkmoon Card: Greatness(str) is also usually a valid option for more threat on trash. A note about your libram, the Libram of Obstruction now has 100% uptime making it better than the Libramof the Sacred Shield and easily obtainable for a small number of Emblems of Heroism. If you can get it of the AH or from Hodir himself I am also a big fan of the Northern Barrier as part of my threat set.
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    Thanks Dir for the reply.

    Obtaining gear is not an issue, ive got a bank full of bits from nax25 to Uld25 sitting in the bank.

    Trash doesnt last long enough for me to warrant using another set, is it really worth changing gear just for it?

    The OOM issue is on anything 10man or below for trash.

    VoA 25 if i MT any of the bosses i dont take enough damage.

    I should have stipulated that the threat issue is not with DPS.

    Prior to patch with my current gear and rotation, i could easily pull of any other tank regardless of class just by using normal rotation without meaning to.

    At present ive found that the same tanks are able to do the same to me with much ease.

    The concern i have is on bosses in Uld or ToC where both tanks are playing ping pong due to debuffs and having the other tank take the boss off me when its not the right time.

    Ive changed my talent tree today.

    Let me know if this will improve threat, as for mana ill know when i do ToC tonight.

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