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Thread: Blood Tank looking for advice

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    Blood Tank looking for advice

    I seem to be having some threat issues as of late. I thought I had the rotation down pat. I've read the theory crafting, and tinkered with my spec.

    Armory Link - Revlek

    It may show my dps gear since I logged off in my offset.

    I'm gonna try and get it up to date.

    My spec is still visible, not 100% sold on what I have there, been sort of tinkering.

    The fact is that I'm forced to be a little more general purpose, hence the ranks in Morbidity and IIT, I can't count on someone else for the debuff, or to AOE tank for trash.

    My ST Rotation is IT -> PS -> DS -> HS -> HS -> DS -> HS -> HS -> HS ..... throwing in Pestilence to reproc diseases, and Death Coils to RP dump. RS is macro'd to each of my swings, ensuring its always getting used.

    Pointers? Help? Bueller?
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    I'm a noob at Blood tanking but since no one else has responded, will offer a few thoughts.

    Sounds like you're doing everything right afaik - rotation, RS, Pest, etc. No Abomination's Might, but since that would increase both your threat and raid dps, probably wouldn't solve your particular problem. Does your dps outgear you?

    One of the nice things about dual spec is that you can use it to test two builds against each other in the same raid, against the same dps. Check with your raid leader and see if you can temporarily respec your Frost dps build to a second, slightly different Blood build, and test it against your current one, maybe for farm content or something.

    Hopefully several several iterations of that might expose a build or strategy that provides more threat, but if not it might just be your dps needs to pay more attention to Omen and govern their output.

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    Well.... I'm sorta out on my own at this point. Suffice to say, some people who had a strong dislike for me decided my, slight, threat issues were grounds for removal. The GL agreed. :/

    That's neither here nor there. I'm debating dropping Will of the Necropolis for Abom's Might, or maybe Necrosis for some personal dps gains.

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