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Thread: Which iLvl 200 Waist?

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    Which iLvl 200 Waist?

    Been working on gearing my alt (tankadin) and managed to get both iLvl 200 waists from H. AN & Reg ToC. Those would be the Ancient Aligned Girdle & Girdle of the Pallid Knight, respectively. Do not plan on buying the heroism badge belt cause I rather just get the conquest badge one.

    However, until I do that, I can't decide which of the two belts I want to use.

    Here's the wowhead comparison of the two items: Item Comparison Tool - World of Warcraft

    Basically I'll be losing a little bit of defense and lots of dodge.. for good amount of parry, hit.. and more importantly, a blue socket.

    On an EH principle, I'm leaning towards the Pallid knight, but the ancient aligned girdle has always had great stats.. and I still think it does.

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    I'd honestly keep both. Pallid Knight will be for your MT set with the other for your avoidance set. While you say Prot is your offspec, most serious tanks carry various pieces of gear around with them for various encounters.

    You'll use your avoidance/block sets for fights with a lot of trash or if you're in an OT role and the high EH stuff for bosses, generally speaking.

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    It's definitely a toss up and I don't feel like there's really a wrong answer to this question. Personally, I'd go with the Pallid knight waist, but I wouldn't frown upon anyone who chose the Ancient Aligned Girdle instead.

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