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Thread: Aledar's Battlestar for Tanking (Threat) Yes/No?

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    Aledar's Battlestar for Tanking (Threat) Yes/No?

    So I've been slinging along with the Red Sword of Courage now for a while for my tanking and recently picked up Aledar's Battlestar from Heroic Toc the other day.

    Noting that I was easily defence capped without the Red Sword, I took a crack at dropping a 10Str/15 Def gem into the weapon, throw Accuracy on it and start using it as a threat weapon (high DPS for HotR).

    My Def is still well over 540, but I've been called a nub pretty regularly for using this weapon none-the-less.

    Once you're defence capped and have plenty of stam (over 35k self buffed) is it really that bad an option to go with a 'non tanking' weapon if it will up your overall DPS and assist with threat?

    Given my current stats, would Aledar's Battlestar still work better than the Red Sword overall?

    I've tested the use of this weapon in everything up to 10 Man ToC so far and I have noticed my threat has actually gone up, so I'm actually very happy with it... just curious to see what other tankers out there think of using a 'dps' weapon for tanking once your essentials are locked away and you want to bump up your threat.


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    I wouldn't say you necessarily need the extra threat at the moment but I can certainly see it being a viable option for DPS burn-style encounters such as Hodir Hard (though you'd need to make sure you're still above 689 Rating with your FR gear on, of course).

    Generally speaking you're missing out on some EH and avoidance by not using a tank-specific weapon but there's nothing wrong with using a threat weapon. Hell, there's a lot of discussion about Hellscream Slicer as a threat weapon for Paladins just now, given its slow swing speed and high DPS.

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    There's nothing wrong with using a non-tanking weapon. Just bear in mind that it isn't a long-term solution and you'll naturally replace it with a tanking weapon in due course, just because the stats are more useful. It's a decent filler against bad luck with drops though!
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    Well I still do have a tanking weapon in the Red Sword of Courage which I use mostly anyway.

    But the hammer (apart from looking extremely cool and 'Paladin like') comes with much higher raw DPS over the Red Sword, which lead me to the conclusion that what it lacks in a defensive stat, it makes up for in damage output, especially under HotR - which in turn means more threat.

    But that said, the hammer comes with a yellow slot anyway - you can always drop a 20 defence into it and you're only trailing the sword by 14 defence so the question of a defensive stat is largely irrelevent in my book...

    I'm currently def capped (without a weapon) with (now) 36K+ HP self buffed (with Sanc only) and over 60% combined Block/Dodge/Parry.

    Is it really worth taking a defence stacked weapon in that situation when I have a better threat weapon on offer?

    I naturally thought I may as well go for my threat over mitigation, but would like to hear from the experts in theorycraft to give either a yay or nay response because I'm lax in my number crunching.
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    Hi there!

    Easy answer: depends on the encounter you're trying to tank...


    Patchwerk >> Who needs threat on this encounter? But mitigating / dodging some of those hatefulls better - winner!

    Hodir Hardmode >> One hit more - who cares? Mages on a hot-procc streak nuking like a bat out of hell? Give me threat any day!


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    WHo cares what others say, it works for you and you are still crit immune, go for it. Its a nice weapon and does the job. No on said we have to use a "tank" weapon. Sure keep the red sword for certain fights, but hell its heroics where you are just chain pulling and burning, go for the damage.

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