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Thread: Loosing HP, too much, too fast

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insahnity View Post
    There's a nice ring with no defense but a blue slot and decent expertise from first wave of bosses in HToC which will be good for you.
    Agreed, although this ring is a little tricky. I find myself having to hold out on it because the other tanking rings provide too much def for me to comfortably make up with gems. I guess it all depends on what types of gear you're on, majority of ulduar tanking gears are lacking in def (imho) which makes this ring a kiv until you get a couple of T8s or def heavy gears.

    That being said, I'd like to reconfirm that you're tanking H ToC as in the Heroic 5man ToC? (probably because i see the mention of ToC25 and my original assumption was H ToC - 5man version)

    If it's the raid then additional stam would help as some boss fights can be a real headache if you're really low on health. I am also willing to go out on a limb and say that majority of what we (the forumers) say here are purely based on our experience and assumptions, which can help you as pointers. One ways to further confirm what we've said or decide on how to fully internalise what's being said would be to go through the combat log as well as keep an eye on the heals (i.e. what they are casting etc).

    This is because (and like some has already posted) that the heals in the grp might not be prepared for the spikes and are purely healing reactively. There could also be a possibility that they were sheeped as well (if it's H ToC5 and the mage came), or frantically trying to keep a meele up from AoEs. Combat logs would help you identify what 'pill' killed you, and allows you to try and time or plan for a CD which you can use to help your situation.

    p.s. sry if i sound overbearing or condescending...
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    Pretty sure it's H-Toc, I followed his armory link and looked at the achievements because had me slightly confused as well.

    His last achieves were for naxx 10 and H-toc and he doesn't have any ulduar or call of crusade achieves at all.
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    From personal experience, H:ToC is hard to heal with a DK tank. Here are my suggestions:
    Make sure hunter is always in range, and Mind Freeze her Lightning attck.
    Silence the Mage.
    Silence the Shaman.
    Get the rogues poisoned cleanse.
    Watch for AoE dmg.
    Anti-magic barrier whenever you can. (LOTS of spell dmg in here).
    Stack Stam > Avoidance. (Mostly because healer's expect raid geared tanks, so high HP seems to give them more comfortant than "Well I have XX avoidance. Sicne they can't see that stat)

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