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Thread: Hitcapped but still problems with taunting

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    Hitcapped but still problems with taunting

    Hi all,

    Currently me and my guild are trying to clear hardmodes and it's going fairly well... up to the moment i need to taunt! (Thorim, Steelbreaker etc.)
    Problem is i'm running with 283 hit rating (8,55% / 19 over cap) and still my taunts "MISS" or "Resist" causing a wipe. Funny thing is that both my Taunt + Challenging shout miss at that moment. As it happens quite often lately i do not know what to do...

    Stack more hit? Or?

    FYI: I run around with glyph of: Last Stand, Blocking and Revenge

    Please lemme know

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    I'm not 100% sure, but although taunt is in the physical school I believe its still subject to the spell hit cap (17%) and not the mele hit cap.

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    Have arround 260 hit. Buy stack of each glyph you use. Reglyph for glyph of taunt before fight where taunt is very very important. It pays off. Each hit above hit cap is seriously hurting you in other fields.
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    Yes, Bulk is right. The hit cap for taunt is actually the spell hit cap 17%. That means that you need to be melee hit capped (8%) plus have the taunt glyph (a further 8%). In fact, looking at that, you might even need the 'old' melee cap of 9%? Either way, carrying a stack of those Glyphs might be an idea.

    Remember you have Challenging Shout and also Mocking Blow for emergencies.
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    Here's how it works, in brief. Taunt uses the spell hit cap as mentioned above, that is 5% vs lvl 81, 6% vs lvl 82 (heroic boss), and 17% against lvl 83 (raid boss, "boss" level).

    Bear in mind this spell hit chance also uses a different exchange rate from hit rating: 32.79 hit rating = 1% melee hit
    26.23 hit rating = 1% spell hit

    So your spell hit chance (which you can find on the "spell" tab of your character sheet) would be 10.79% currently. Raid buffs from Imp Faerie Fire (Boomkin) or Misery (S-priest) can improve that by another 3%. This means that against anything less than a raid boss, you are well over hit-capped for taunt, but against a raid boss you have a ~3.2% miss chance without any talents or glyphs.

    If you absolutely need to not have it miss, the glyph is your only reasonable respite (gearing for more hit will probably set you back more than help you since virtually nothing else you do requires that much hit). Like Kayella said though, you have a couple of back-up moves to cover in the (small) event of a miss.

    Here is a more complete reference, if you're interested in reading:
    Taunt Mechanics
    The (Old) Book on Death Knight Tanking
    The New Testament on Death Knight Tanking
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    I do not use the glyph of taunt, and I never have a failed issue with taunt. Well correction, one that several of my abilities fail at the same time. Which appears to be the OP's main problem. We can bring up the way taunt works in many situations, and throw math at it. But we are actually going to bury the actual problem.

    Funny thing is that both my Taunt + Challenging shout miss at that moment.
    This, well this is rare. At least for me. I have never had a moment where everything I have failed at what I throw at it. So there is an underlying issue here. Do you keep logs? Do you run recount? Anything of this nature. What it sounds like to me is the mob is on diminishing returns. So the real question is, besides you, whos taunting.

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    Most obvious cause for that would be you or another tank overusing taunt and hitting diminishing returns. Are you or your OT dropping taunts on it besides when you want the target to switch?

    I have seen this when tanks have threat issues with raid or one person in raid usually the lock who keeps pulling stuff so they continually refresh taunt and when you got to taunt the bastard has hit dim returns. Its very easy to do with a warrior as you put vigilance on the other tank or someone who gets hit and your taunt is refreshed everytime he is hit.
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