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Thread: DeathKnight DW tank build

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    DeathKnight DW tank build

    Hey guys,

    I have a lvl 80 DK tank, im tanking with a 2H at this moment.
    but i wanna tank with two 1 handed weapons.

    What im looking for is a good talent build to DW. Can annyone
    help me with this. I have looked for manny hours now and i cant seem
    to find a good build for DWing.



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    I have found the spec I use is the most common with a tweak here and there, I juggled some points over to unholy cause I like the extra disease uptime but that's a matter of style I guess.
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    I'm using variations on 12/54/5. There are certainly a few points with room to be moved for utility; temporarily, I've dropped a point from killing machine to pick up hungering cold. This spec revolves around a single-disease rotation using Howling Blast as the sole method of disease application. It's extremely strong for quick start-up threat, looser on GCD's, and pulls respectable sustained threat - the only weakness in threat is picking up continuously spawning entities such as the worms in the Hodir trash.

    As this is a frost spec, it's worth noting unbreakable armor has several situations in which it may not be capable of performing as needed. Keep a blood or unholy offspec available and be aware of the needs created by the encounter you're up against, and change specs prior if needed.


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    thanks alot guys, i had verry much help with your posts
    im tanking ulduar now without problems now, thanks again.

    Greetings Guliioz DW DK Frost tank

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