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Thread: Gearing prot warr tank.. update

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    Gearing prot warr tank.. update

    My gear has changed so drastically since my last thread that I really just need to make a new one.. here is my armory/wowhead currently:


    As of right now i've been trying to desperately upgrade my bracers and my ring. For my bracers i've been checking the Auction House for Bracers of Dalaran's Parapets - Item - World of Warcraft but they keep getting so ridiculously high priced i'm really not sure what to do there. As for my ring i'm not really sure either.. I haven't been looking too hard.

    I've been constantly running heroics and i've yet to do Naxx and i've been wanting to do it with some of my IRL friends but we never get around to doing it. And to be honest i'm pretty scared about tanking for a PUG.. even as an off-tank because i'll really have no idea whats going on half the time.

    EDIT: Just realized after actually looking at my wowhead I need to redo my enchants on my new gear! aye.. i'll get to that tomorrow :P I've been trying to max out my enchanting for my ring enchants as well.
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    114 views and no reply..? What is everybody looking at?

    Anyway... I ended up off-tanking for 10m naxx with some friends last night and it went fairly well. Was able to get my hands on Conqueror's Siegebreaker Breastplate - Item - World of Warcraft (bought with badges), Heroes' Dreadnaught Greathelm - Item - World of Warcraft, and The Skull of Ruin - Item - World of Warcraft . Still in desperate need to get a new ring and bracers but i'm still fairly stumped as AH bracers are ridiculously priced..

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    I think there are tanking rings that drop in OS and H ToC. As far as the bracers go I'm in the same boat

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I'm going to buy em with emblems of valor eventually I suppose... that or maybe Minion Bracers - Item - World of Warcraft will drop in naxx.

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    yeah rings a re a pain, bracers as well, easiest way to get them fixed is emblems and naxx. Nowadays naxx runs are far easier and fewer people need the gear. so hop in some pugs and get your stuff that way.
    Or be safer easier and more time consuming and get 60 valor emblems and 25 valor emblems for the wrist and ring respectively.
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    Remember that Conq badges = Valor badges = Heroism badges. So you don't have to buy the bracers, you can farm the badges up yourself. There are also Bracers of the Herald (Bracers of the Herald - Item - World of Warcraft) from Old Kingdom.

    Your stats are fine for Naxx 10 and 25 and Uld 10 at least. Get in there, kill stuff and get loot.

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    From what I can see with your gear my fellow tank, is thus:

    Bracers: Run H OK, go for the bracers off last boss. May take a few runs to get, but inbetween naxx runs, its the next best thing till you get the emblem ones

    Ring: The first one is ok, the second one I would run H ToC and try for the one from there, its quite nice, so should do you for a while, chuck a +30sta gem in it and ur g2g

    Cape: Even as nice as that one is, I, personally, would save up the badges needed to get the Valor cape (which is 25 iirc), chuck Titanweave on it and sweet, ur in business

    Shield: As a next item upgrade, try to get the shield from H Naxx, off Patchwerk, you've got more likelyhood of getting that than you do of getting the one from KT, which hardly ever seems to drop

    If you would like any more advice on what it is could be an upgrade, give us a yell

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    Thanks a lot guys! Guess I just gotta keep running those heroics..

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    Yea, its never an easy way, basically run every heroic you can, get as many badges as you can, and use that to subsequently up your gears, with some phat lewtz

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    Do the Daily Heroic every day for a couple of weeks until you can buy the ring for Eblems of Triumph. It'll last you a very long time indeed, so is worth it.

    Whilst doing the Heroic, chances are you'll stumble upon the Old Kingdom bracers and the ToC ring. If not, you'll by that point have easily enough Conquest badges to pick up the Bracers of Dalaran's Parapets by converting Conquest down to Valor.

    While the shiny Tier 9 armor is a temptation, the ring will likely be harder to replace for a long time and as you progress into raiding the Coliseum you'll accumulate badges for the Tier set much quicker anyway.

    It'll take 18 Daily Heroics to get the 35 Emblems of Triumph for the ring - set that as your goal and in that time you'll probably net yourself somewhere in the region of 65-70 Emblems of Conquest just from doing the daily, not to mention any other Heroics and Raids you attend in the meantime. By the time you're done, you'll pretty much be geared for Ulduar-10 and Coliseum Normal and can start replacing any of the older stuff with drops from those two places.

    It's up to you of course, but I personally find working toward a set goal like that to be fun. Being a new tank now must be great - you can go from quest blues to full epics and be ready to start tackling the latest tier of raids inside of three weeks if you set your mind to it. Best of luck to you

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