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Thread: It's ok to be brutal. LF advice

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    It's ok to be brutal. LF advice

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    Ok, so I have been 80 for about 2 weeks now. I don't feel like I have any survivability issues but I do notice I sometimes lose threat to overzealous/Overgeared deeps at first pull.

    I am basically trying to keep at 540+ def and stacking stam.

    Do i need 8% hit? How much expertise should i focus on getting? Should I gem more for hit/expertise or let it come with gear?

    Also, i feel like I get rage starved a lot. I try to use my rage builders carefully but it seems like i am still sitting with low rage quite a bit. Does my spec blow?

    Thanks for your time.

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    If you feel like you are getting rage starved, then maybe you should take Focused Rage and Puncture. I have them and I am rarely rage starved. Other than that, I think it looks okay.

    And no you don't need 8% hit, you need expertise more than you need hit, so let it come with gear.
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    Switch your spec to something similar to mine (my armory is in my sig). Make sure you have impale and deep wounds if you want to maximize threat. You also should have 2-3 points in focused rage if you are rage starved. This would be your main issue.

    I'm not sure what you are tanking, so I can't say exactly how much hit/expertise you would need. For boss tanking, you can almost never have too much expertise (I say almost because there IS a cap... it's just not reachable unless you try really, really hard) and you would need 8% hit to cap. For heroics, 5-6% hit and 26 expertise (21 if you plan on using expertise food) is fine. Blade ward is also a good enchant but, if your main issue is threat and you are low on hit, you might want to consider using a weapon chain (just run the new 5man till you get another sword and use a titanium weapon chain on it). I'd also suggest you put a 20hit gem in ur weapon socket instead of hit/expertise, but it's not a big deal if your doing more raid tanking than heroics.
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