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Thread: Major Threat issues

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    Major Threat issues

    Hey guys,

    I hijacked another thread a few days ago, but thought i would creat my own, after a respec and a glyph change along with some gems i've found my threat has definitely improved.. although its still nowhere near the standard that it needs to be!

    can you help with advice on a rotation, using the 1 disease build and thats about all i know about it.

    current armory:

    The World of Warcraft Armory


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    I'm glad you made your own post.

    If threat is an issue, the first place to look is expertise and Hit Rating. And sure enough, you have 15 expertise and 165 Hit rating. You should be closer to 26 and 264, a little over half of what you should be.

    I see you tried to gem expertise (Legs should have been expertise and hit or Expertise and Expertise/Hit, though, to get 9 stamina socket bonus). You can still squeeze out another 16 expertise on shoulders. Gloves can stand 20 hit enchant instead of armsman.

    Most embarrasing for you is you have exalted Argent Crusade faction, yet you didn't buy their head enchant!! 37 stam and 20 defense! WAY BETTER than 30 stam/25 resilience! Easy Fix! Use the 10k honor for 30 stam/15 resilience shoulder enchant until you get Sons of Hodir rep for defense/dodge shoulder enchant. With the extra defense, drop repelling charge for a Grim Toll trinket.

    This is all assuming, of course you don't get gear upgrades, which will naturally have more hit or expertise along with more stam and other tank stats.

    Start with those, and see where you go.

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