So I was recently conned into leveling a warrior by the DK tank in our small group of friends so that he could DPS instead. I've played the healing game ( a priest from Vanilla thru TBC ) and a DPS ( an 80 warlock thru naxx25 ) - so I figured, what the heck?

I've hit 80 as of 5 days ago - here's the armory link ( *alot* of my stuff isn't gemmed/enchanted yet, as I'm hesitant to gem it out until I have some more of the pieces upgraded - also leveling JC to get the special gems. Please keep that in mind - I've got a plan to upgrade it. )

My Armor

Mostly we just run 5 man H ToC ( done it a few times, I seem to survive alright as long as our DPS is good enough ) as well as some other heroics. Maybe someday I'll be doing 10 man but our group is just too small at the moment and I'm sketchy at pugging until I'm alot better at AoE tanking.

Now, after all that rambling, here's my question - I was thinking of going dual-spec for prot - doing a survival boss fight build vs. a trash/AoE type build. I don't have enough gear yet to really create two distinct sets, but I figured I could help it out with some specs/glyphs. My main issues behind these ideas being that I'm a little squishy on bosses and I'm still getting into the groove of things when dealing with AoE trash packs and 3 3k dps going crazy on everything.

Survival Build - Lower cooldowns, alot of block, less on the damage talents.

Trash/Threat/AoE Build - Glyphed for more AoE damage, more threat talents

The main idea being that I'll just switch to the survival build for bosses and otherwise stay in the Trash spec. I think the survival spec seems ok - I haven't had many issues keeping aggro on bosses with my current spec. My main concern is the trash build - I'm not sure if I should switch out the points from imp revenge towards cruelty? Should I go back to shield spec vs cruelty and keep the points in imp revenge?

Any opinions welcome!