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Thread: DK Halp

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    DK Halp

    So I spec’d DW frost and have two of the maces from H ToC, have FotFF, Grim Toll, and the armor Pen trinket from ToC as well ( Side note on that one, which two are best to be using for DW ? ) When I first spec’d to DW I was using HB to apply FF with the glyph and then the old DW rotation ( read it wrong when I first read the guide and didn’t realize I should be using IT and PS to apply diseases ) So I was only applying FF on the targets with HB. I was doing high 3k to mid 4k in most fights.
    I now know I should be using the new rotation with IT and PS to have both diseases up, my DPS has now drastically gone down to high 2k at best. Im a bit taken aback that by doing the correct rotation it is now less than before. Though a thought struck me today that maybe the groups Ive been in the last couple times have people who have higher burst rate DPS and are killing the heroic dungeon mobs just too quickly for my DPS to ramp up and are just sucking up the DPS more.
    Im not sure…* Ive been thinking of switching back to 2h Blood I started with in 3.2 which was doing some nice DPS and should be even better now that I’ve gotten more ArP gear and higher strength gems… I searched for about an hour last night on various sites on whether 2h blood or DW frost is the top DPS spec but couldn’t find any conclusive answer on the topic, so now im confused on which is better and if Im just geared wrong or not doing the correct rotation for DW or if it just won’t shine in regular heroics if there’s someone else who has better burst DPS.
    Here’s my armory link

    The World of Warcraft Armory
    Any help on if Blood or DW is better & if its DW, what might be wrong that my DPS went down, would be awesomely appreciated!!
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