First let me say that I truly enjoy playing a prot warrior. Upsides/downsides I believe for the most part I can overcome most inefficiencies in my class or at least have fun trying to overcome them. That being said I had an idea that I am curious if it is worth a nod from anyone else:

Take imp bloodrage, which is never used by 99% of prot warriors out there and make this change.

1) Move it further down in the tree so dps warriors will not take advantage of it.
2) Remain a 2 point talent but add a Haste buff for the 10 second duration of Bloodrage. In regards to how much haste, well I am not sure. As much as 30% Hero maybe.. it would have to be worked out.

For AoE in particular it will not make the people screaming for lower cooldowns on SW any happier, but it will allow us to cycle through targets much faster and faster rage gain.

Not that this is huge if you are using Tricks and MD correctly but it makes the initial pull on a boss easier.