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Thread: Devastate. General questions.

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    Devastate. General questions.

    A Fury Warrior, formerly Protection, was discussing with me the recent buffs to Devastate. Questions arose that I could not answer, and ever after reading the guides, was fruitless to find a clear answer to.

    Essentially, with the given changes, it seems that Devastate applies more threat than Heroic Strike does now. This seems to be right, as I would take the damage of my Heroic Strike and add about the 200 points of innate threat that it'd generate.

    Normal hit: ~800 + ~200 innate = ~1000 threat.

    Critical hit: ~1800 + ~200 innate = ~2000 threat.

    And then Devastate:

    Five percent of my AP was about 150.

    Normal hit (Five stacks) ~1600 + ~150 = ~1750

    Critical hit (Five stacks) ~3400 + ~150 = ~3550

    It seemed pretty clear that Devastate was doing more threat, and damage, but some of it's mechanics I want to be sure of.

    Is Devastate doing the maximum threat it can by stricking a mob with five stacks, or does it deal more threat in the application of those Sunders?

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    yes devastate does more threat than heroic strike but it is tied to the gcd heroic strike is not, so you should be heroic striking whenever rage permits WHILE shield slamming while revenging and while devastating.

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