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Thread: New Raid, Onyxia Coming Back

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    New Raid, Onyxia Coming Back

    I just want some opinions on what other people think about the return of onyxia. Do you guys think Blizz is running out of authentic content to use, or do they think it will be a fun return of vaniilla WoW.

    I also want to hear everyone else opinions on how this will effect raiding in a positive or negative way.


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    Personally I wasn't a raider until WOTLK and I think that this is going to be sweet. Maybe they are running out of content until the story line is ready to push forward, but running Onyxia being level 80 with friends was fun. Can't wait to actually do it when she is pushing at my level.

    I solo'ed Onyxia and had fun. Can't wait to apply a new strat with a bunch of people.

    Plus new loot, more badges!

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    as a DW dk, i'm looking forward to a Slow'ish tanking weapon dropping from the encounter (Quel' Serrar has a 2.0 swing speed). But it remains to be seen what the proc rate is on the sword. If it's not frequent enough to justify the stat sacrifice, i'll have to just stick to my current digs.

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    It will probably be a fun revisiting of content, but lets face it... Blizz is COMPLETELY out of new ideas. Two vanilla raids are WotLK raids already and we're not even done yet... Hell, TOC's final boss is from the same Expansion/wrist

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    Tankspot have topic on this subject.
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