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Thread: Question About Hit Rating.

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    Question About Hit Rating.

    Hello everybody this is my first post here but i read the forums everyday. I have a question that i need answered by some one that has a lot of exp. in pally tanking. THis is my armory The World of Warcraft Armory.

    There is a big debate over hit between my and some of the other guild tanks. My guild only uses pally tanks just so everyone knows that from the get go. As other people have stated in the forums the new gear lacks hit. So from what i have read and gathered for myself Hit is a very important stat. I like to keep my hit atleast above 170. But in order to do that i need to gem for some hit. Is it wrong to gem for hit and how important is hit? They are so concerned about gemming for stam that i am thinking of leaving guild. Just need some help to understand if i am wrong and need to change the way i think



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    Hey Apo,

    Imo you really need to define why you (or your guild) want hit. If it is for Threat then hit is not the best threat stat. Strength is the best threat stat until about 2700BV.

    If you want to make sure your threat generation is smooth and that you dont miss taunts then by all means gem some hit. Or just get the taunt glyph.

    Theck's work over on maintankadin is amazing for breaking down threat from everything, spec, glyphs, food etc. Sorry I cant link to it at the moment i can't get there from work.


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