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Thread: What should i be able to tank

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    What should i be able to tank

    what should i be able to tank and am i doing ok with my gems glyphs and talent points. pointers would be awsome.

    everyone tells me i have to low health to do anything but i dont know where to get gear anymore.

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    Your health is pretty low - you can start by enchanting your gear (You are an enchanter after all), getting rid of the parry gem and running heroics amd then run with some naxx ten groups as an offtank unless you know the content already. You can find gear upgrades and where they drop by looking at your armory profile.

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    Your gear could use some upgrades. I reccomend 25 Naxx and 10 naxx plus maybe a boss or two in the early parts of 10 ulduar. When you are not raiding you should be farming heroics and getting epics because you can get 5-6 awesome pieces from heroic badges grinding.

    You should change your glyphs up and get Divine Please + Seal of Vengence Glyphs, those are the two must haves. For your third one I reccomend judgement or avengers shield glyphs.

    Your spec could use some work too, take out the points from seals of the pure, imp hammer of justice and reckoing, and put only 1 point in benediction 1 point in improved judgements, 3 poitns in heart of the crusader 5 points in conviction and 2 in vindication. Studies show that the 8 percent crit you gain will increase your threat more than SotP does. Vindication is nice because bosses wont hit you as hard, and take all your points out of divinity and put 3 points in divine sacrifice and imp divine sacrifice. That should help ya a bunch.

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    Looks pretty good to me overall. I'm not sure on the glyph side since I don't play a pally. Your hit is a bit low, but that should come with better gear upgrades. On the gemming end, loss the +parry gems. Never gem for parry, dodge is a better choice if your looking for avoidance.

    I'd recommend getting all the faction rep pieces & upgrades you can. I.E. Hodir, Wyrmrest, Argent Vanguard, etc. Keep running ToC to get the stamina trinket and UP for the sword. With a solid group you should be able to do UK, Nexus, VH for starters, then work your way up.

    You need to realize, in the current WoW enviroment people are spoiled by overgeared tanks running heroics. Your HP is right where it should be for your gear level, your above the def minimum and assuming you can play your class properly you should have no issues tanking early heroics.

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    Well you got a good start. You are here and seem to care so I hope what I say helps.
    Gear here is a good guide http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f97/4...get-items.html
    and if you want to make yourself a better tank, do some heroics! Lots of heroics, you can get just about every upgrade you need now w/badges. Your first upgrade....Libram of Obstruction!!!! Its a must, I can't stress that enough!
    Take Khaelor's advice on the build....and PLEASE drop the parry gem.
    You can looking for help so I say this firmly and what I would say to my best friend if he asked for tanking help.....
    FOR GOD SAKES man lvl your professions! you are a miner, 2 hours and you have an extra 60 stam!!!!! Enchanting takes lots of gold and work but it will help and you get HP's there too. Besides in the long run you will save gold when you want something enchanted you can do it for free.
    We all want to tank...do you have it in you to make your toon allow you to be a better tank and put some work into it? It won't happen overnite thou.

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