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Thread: Just some help and a few dps/pvp quesions.

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    Just some help and a few dps/pvp quesions.

    Hi im darkist new to tankspot but you come highly recomended.
    Ok so ill give you some background i played wow as warrior pretty hardcore in vanilla did all the usual suspects ony.Molten Bore, some BWL and ZG i quit around AQ opening, while i was lvl55 WSG was released and got me hooked onto PVP i managed to gain rank12 and loved tha whole premade scene (if i had not been working i probaly would of gone for rank14).
    So i reactivated my acc around 2 months ago and with a /flex and a /roar im back in business hell things have changed somewhat i have 2 new exp packs to digest and lots of new stats and class changes to get to grips with so i could use some advice......
    My 1st question is hit rating, i understand that pvp cap is 5% and pve 8% because im going for the 100k honor kills title PVP is what i enjoy and do the most followed by arena then dps warrior , so my question is i have been using around 3% hit rating in pvp and not really noticing many misses but recently upped my hit rating to 130 which is 3.96% and it feels fine in pvp both BG's coming top 3 on kills most games and in arena winning 10/11 games in a row regulary so if ssome one could look at my armoury profile and gief some advice it would be gratefully recieved.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    The second questions leads on from the 1st question Enchants for weapon,i currently have beserker which i was unsure about but i love proc based enchants nothing better than waiting for beserker proc and mirror of truth to proc and dropping a recklessness sweeping strike bladestorm , but the reduction of armour and it somewhat affecting Armoured to teeth made me wonder if 110ap is better or as im an enchanter the 25crit and hit ench as i miss the 5% crit from axes.

    3rd question im gemmed in 20 stre gems but have 1 20 arp gem in my gloves my arp is 22% plus the 10 from battle stance 32%?? what should i aim for in arena?
    Thanks very much for any advice given
    General Darky :P

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    Welcome to the site btw!

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    hit cap really isn't as important in pvp like it is in pve, but it's nice to know that your 5k+ execute wont miss when going for a kill in arenas.

    beserking is THE best weapon chant. even with the ap loss from attt, it still averages to something like 140-150ap over time.

    arp gemming is really the only way for a warrior to compete in arenas against cleave teams and prot pallies. i have around 30% from gems/gear in my pvp set before battle stance. i try to align my burst with grim toll procs. gem arp, get grim toll and never look back.

    and get that axe from the new 5 man heroic dungeon, same stats as ironsoul but you get the benefit of using axe spec.

    |Ex Tank|


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    Ah sorry for wrong forum post, Thanks for the reply destruyen yes i will certainly go for that axe i much prefer axe spec the %5 dps increase does that stack with meta 3%btw?
    But what i get confused with is the passive arp from mace then switching to axe, last weapon was a wraith spear with all arp gems stacked i should do the same if i can get the axe?

    and a quick final question : Do you think i can get away with replacing a 20 hit gem with a 20crit gem when my hiyt is at 130?
    thanks dude

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