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Thread: What wep enchant

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    What wep enchant

    its a toss up between bladeward lifeward or bloodward any ideas atm i have blade ward its a nice add to parry % and the proc stacks but i would like some input

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    good that you ask this, because i was also looking answer to this question... i recently won Peacekeeper Blade on my new paladin tank and i was wondering what would be good enchant for it...should i take some of new fancy ones or other?fact is that i will not be ready for 25man naxx/uld any time soon, so im sure that i will have this weapon for some time...

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    Weapon enchant is a 1% thing so use whatever stat you feel you are lacking its not going to make or break your tanking.

    blood draining, bladeward, Mongoose, exceptional agility, precision are the main 5 and zealots will make arguements for each.
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    k tnx for answering ^^

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    It all boils down to what glow you want... :-)

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    Blade Ward suffers one big problem - while it does increase your parry chance, actually getting that parry removes the buff. It simply doesn't proc often enough to be of major use because the moment you get to use the added avoidance, it's gone again. It is better now that it can proc from SoV ticks, admittedly, but I still don't personally favour it.

    Mongoose is what I personally use, though in many respects it's inferior to Exceptional Agility due to the fact it's proc-based. It does give you a nice chunk of avoidance, armor and threat when it does proc and it does so fairly reliably but I'd really only take it if you don't mind a temporary boost rather than something you can rely upon heavily.

    Exceptional Agility, conversely, is a much smaller boost to avoidance, armor and threat but it has the benefit of always being there without fail.

    Blood Draining is largely improved now due to the fact it can't leapfrog Ardent Defender any more. Much like Divinity, it does help and it does save you occasionally but doesn't really buy your healers any more time, which is why I don't personally go for it. You'd still die if a healer was slow to react and if they weren't then the BD heal doesn't give you that much. It's nice and can save your life but it's not going to make the difference between wiping after a healer death or surviving all that often.

    Accuracy is great for threat (assuming you're under the hit cap) but I find that with gear and a Draenei in my group I rarely need the hit for threat, since my threat is already pretty high.

    All in all nothing is 100% perfect, so it has to be down to personal preference on how you like to play. I'm happy enough with my avoidance that a Mongoose boost is just a great bonus for me, much like The Black Heart, but the other options are all viable. I'd still avoid Blade Ward personally because I simply don't like the way it works, but again that's up to you and your playstyle.

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    As I get more and more ToC gear which is knee deep in expertise and has virtually Zero hit rating on it, it becomes clearer to me that I'm never giving up Accuracy.

    Shame, I wanted Blood Draining to go with new Ardent defender. but threat is too valuable with the DPS my raid has.

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    I pretty much agree with everything stated above about the weapon enchant choices for tanking weapons. Each one has it's particular strengths that can be further maximized by good gear synergy if you can do it. Just covering the enchants brought up by Mert (Note: assume ALL avoidance values are before diminishing returns unless stated otherwise):

    Goes best with an avoidance gear orientated set.

    -Can further increase your avoidance through augmentation of parry rating (+200 to +1000 parry rating = +4.44% to +22.22% parry chance before diminishing returns)
    -The buff from this enchant stacks up to 5 times (200 x 5 = 1000)
    -When buff is up and if you parry you deal damage (Low to high 600-4000)

    -Has to proc in order for you to get benifits from this enchant
    -From all the testing done it has a low proc rate, 3% (~1 ppm) Enchant Weapon - Blade Ward - Spell - World of Warcraft (Some of the numbers maybe alittle spotty)
    -Amount of parry chance you'll gain from this buff is dependent on how far along your gear has progressed. A high parry rating preproc means when the enchant procs the parry rating boost will suffer from diminishing returns greater than it would if you had a lower parry rating.
    -Once you parry the buff is used up

    Blood Draining
    Goes best with a survival set

    -Heals you automatically when you are at or below 35% health
    -Stacks up to 5 times
    -Can heal you within the range of 360-2200 or more specifically:
    1 stack 360-440
    2 stack 720-880
    3 stack 1080-1320
    4 stack 1440-1760
    5 stack 1800-2200
    -The heal can crit

    -Procs off of strikes and bleed attacks, not striking or having a bleed on your target means no chance for a proc.
    -Has a 10 second internal CD
    -Can take upwards of up to 40secs to get full benifit (5 stacks)
    -20 sec duration (can refresh up to 4 times each time you gain a stack unless your use up the heal or the time runs out)
    -Heal only procs if you are struck, if you dodge, parry, miss, or block it will not proc

    Good for threat, effective health (for some classes), and avoidance

    -120 agility increase
    -2% weapon speed increase Formula: Enchant Weapon - Mongoose - Item - World of Warcraft
    -Further breaking down:
    Crit chance increase of ~3.87%
    Dodge chance increase of ~2.6% before diminishing returns
    Armor increased by 240

    -Need to be striking in order for it to have a chance to proc
    -15 sec buff duration

    Exceptional Agility
    Good for threat, effective health (for some classes), and avoidance

    -Constant stat boost +26 agility
    -Further breaking down:
    Crit chance increased by ~0.83%
    Dodge chance increase by ~0.54%
    Armor increased by 52

    -+26 agility < +120 agility mongoose proc provides

    Good for threat production

    -+25 hit rating and +25 crit strike
    -Increases your chance to not miss with a strike AND spells including taunts
    -Increases your chance to get a critical strike

    -Doesn't effect other key tanks stats directly (EH, and avoidance)
    -If you're above hit cap (8%, 263 hit rating) you're hits don't benifit any more from reduced miss chance, spell hit rating suffers once you're past 17% or 445.94 spell hit

    Pretty much what Mert said, it comes down to what you need at that moment. A tanking weapon enchant is like the icing on the cake, an extra flavor to add some more variety to the sweetness that already is. = )

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