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Thread: How bout a dps weapon for tanking......

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    How bout a dps weapon for tanking......

    So I have been using Peacekeeper Blade - Item - World of Warcraft and Stoneguard - Item - World of Warcraft. I like them but being a dwarf i would like to activate my racial bonus of +5 exp with maces. I picked up Stonerender - Item - World of Warcraft last night to avoid it being sharded and it put me at 28 expertise woot. I just want to know if for threat and like add tanking it would be ok? Im sure ill get flamed for asking but i really like tanking with a mace and have had no luck getting one. If its a bad idea tell i think the threat on that would be really high seeing the crit and haste and AP but who knows.

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    If you can afford to lose all those important tank stats go for it. Sometimes I tank with ridiculous weapons like some grey I found on a dead animal or my argent lance just to mess around and I do just fine.

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