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Thread: New DK Tank seeking advice

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    New DK Tank seeking advice

    My name is Surcqura and i play a Humen DK on the Frostwolf realm.
    Ever since i started to play wow, I have always played DPS class's, then yesterday i thought im starting to get really board of this same old thing, im going to turn my DK into a TANK!!!!

    But now i need some advice.....
    Ok first thing i want to start off with is my spec, i will put a amory link in. What can i improve on here and what needs to be changed around, i am very happy to respec all together if sombody would post a nice little spec for me. (if you post new spec please include both single target and AOE rotation +Gliphs)

    Second thing is my gear, i know i still have not got all my enchants on my gear yet as i am currently lacking in gold, witch i should have tomoz once some off my stuff sells on AH. What needs improving and what can i do to improve it ASAP.

    Third and final thing is......... What can i tank with the gear i am in now, i have been told i would be able to MT 10Nax and OT 25nax is this correct? What are the stats im going to be requiring for Uladur?

    I lied when i said the third thing was last, the last thing i need is.......
    Were can i get good Writen guides on all boss's in WOTLK espeicaly Nax i need atm. I would like some good qulity free qriten guides, please no vids. I also need to know, what addons should i be using? AND........What proffs shoudl i pick up, i was thinking BS/JC

    ......Thanks, Surcqura
    The World of Warcraft Armory <<<<< amory link. (im not sure why its showing me as 25k HP in amory, in game i have 27.3k HP.

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    Your armor may have been increased for some reason (Druid buff, paladin aura, etc.)

    In advance, I'd like to apologize to owner of the site for this shameless plug. *pockets a cheque from a "Ciderhelm"*
    Tankspot.com offers many helpful videos lovingly hand crafted by people on this very site. Donor member get special access to HQ videos, in addition to access to donor only forums. Failing that, wowwiki is helpful.

    The questions you have asked seem to suggest you need to spend some time browing this website, it's full of really good stuff, including answers to your questions, answers to question you were about to ask, and questions you would have asked in about a million alternate realities. I hope you did so between posting and bump. These answer include how and why you gear certain ways, where to get said gear, spec suggestions and so on.

    As for tanking, it's 1 part gear, 1 part knowing the fight, and 1 part knowing how to tank. We can help with gear at some point, and I have pointed you to some resources about learning particular fights, but you first really need to learn how to tank first, to acquire tanking instincts. As compared to DPS, it is a wholy different experience, and will by far make you a better player. I suggest you tank some regular instances like Culling of Stratholme and Utigard Pinnacle, and then work your way up to heroics, and then start asking specific questions about how to handle certain situations (of course, unless it has already been answered several times over on this site).

    Some freebies:
    -You are on the right track for gear, but grind some more heroics as well (other than H Trial of the Champion). You have some headway lootwise with Heroic AN, which is good.
    -You are at defense cap, and are starting to gear for stam. Don't ignore threat stats, if holding threat is an issue
    -You spent some money on gems, but got few enchants. Uncommon (Green quality) gems are MUCH cheaper, and offer nearly as much utility. save money there and get a few more enchants with the money you save. Along the same lines, a 45 stam/15 agility leg armor patch is really affordable.
    -Keep working on professions you have much to go, and they offer significant benefits to you as a tank.
    -Start working on Sons of Hodir reputation. Their quests are in Storm Peaks. Look for a female goblin in K3 inside the inn with quests talking about men and gear being stolen. You will need flying there, if you dont have it, search around K3 for some "Free assistance" on that front.

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