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Thread: Coliseum Faction Champions

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    I'm going to post my notes here since my guild did pretty much the opposite of this strat and left healers till last. It seems backwards and it sure doesn't make a ton of sense but it worked for us. Basically our attempts to dps the healers didn't seem to work nearly as well. It made the fight a bit longer but it felt a lot more under control.

    Our kill order was:
    Rogue, shadow priest, warlock, hunter, boomkin, death knight, resto shaman, resto druid, holy paladin, pets, warrior.

    We killed the rogue first since he seemed to be the most lethal. With all the dps on him, he was locked down pretty quickly. The shadow priest second to get rid of some dispels and lighten the need for our own dispels. Warlock third to lighten the need for our own dispels again. With a lot of the burst dps and dots out of the way, the fight was essentially over.

    Notes on what specific people in my group did:

    - Myself, prot war - I assigned myself to take care of the holy paladin. Between heroic throw, shield bash, concussive blow and shockwave... the most the paladin ever got off was the occasional flash of light.

    - DK tank - Assigned to the resto shaman, killed lots of totems and interrupted healing waves.

    - Resto/Feral PvP Druid (she's normally just feral, offspecs are useful) - Kited and locked down the warrior with cyclone, stuns, roots, etc. She was so excited to use some of her pvp skills hah. Called out the names of anyone near the warrior and when he was bladestorming.

    - Priest, specced disc - MASS DISPEL SPAM. Pretty much constantly. Had 202 dispels on our kill. I don't think he really healed at all till late in the fight.

    - Resto druid - lots of decurses and cyclones on the hunter typically.

    Other notes:

    - We have no combat rogues, so no dirty FoK interrupts (I wish we had this, it would have made things easier)... people need to really lock down their targets.

    - Fear bomb any time adds clump up so that CC can be reapplied.

    - Death gripping healers out of range is both hilarious and awesome.

    - Dispels are a higher priority than pretty much everything in my opinion. (This includes killing totems, sort of).

    - Do not stand on the left side where they jump down on the pull... it hurts. A lot.

    - Experiment and find what works for your group comp. This fight is very dynamic.

    Random amusing numbers:

    Dispels: Around 350, 202 done by a disc priest with mass dispel.
    Interrupts: About 100, 36 by the DK on the shaman. 28 by me on the holy priest (I wonder if stuns count as interrupts).
    CC's broken: About 10, this is solid... needs to be as low as possible (Sadly I had the most at 2).
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    Quote Originally Posted by bucket View Post
    off topic, but what is the addon you use to show when you get surge of light as an aura around your character?
    power auras

    Power Auras Classic - Addons - Curse
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    Crusaders Aura and PvP trink

    If you had an extra pally not using the standard Dev/Ret/Fire Aura, would It be useful to have Crusaders Aura up? I was thinking extra run percent might save a few clothies getting chased down by the big nasties... Also would PvP trinkets like Medallion of the Horde/Alliance be worth equipping for this fight?

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    I am thinking about grabbing Hungering Cold for this for our group. We are running our 10 man tonight. I will check back with how effective or lame it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dadricvertanis View Post
    Priest, specced disc - MASS DISPEL SPAM. Pretty much constantly. Had 202 dispels on our kill. I don't think he really healed at all till late in the fight.
    How did this work against the UA? Does the UA the enemy lock put up silence and blast at all? (Been ages since i've seen Mass Dispel being casted onto people with UA so dont really remember how UA reacted upon that)

    As to Therdin, Crusader aura only applies to mounted speed

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    well then I feel stupid for asking lol

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    Our guild did this last night in 25 man. We wiped 4-5 times before downing them. We did kill the healers first.

    I will say that it may not be a good idea to put on your PvP gear, but definitely put on your PvP Trinket! Being able to break Sheep, Fear, etc. is clutch especial for people assigned to interrupts.

    I am a prot warrior and althought I had on hand a good DPS set, I stayed prot. Basically I was assigned to try and kite the warrior as far away from the group as I could. I found myself using tons of abilities I didn't normally use so it was a challenge with my keybinds!

    Use Hamstring! Keep him moving slow. If he gets close to clothies/ squishies Disarm him!

    Use your Mocking blow/Taunt/Challenging shout to keep agro.

    Concussing blow and shockwave for stuns, and make revenge priority over shield bash as it has a chance for a short stun. Also remember that your charge and intercept are valid ways of stunning for a short period of time so use them often! If he is running after a squishy intervene the squishy to take some of the dmg.

    Other tips: You have intimidating shout: Use it but beware the long cooldown. Demoralizing shout should be kept up. I am undead, so I had WotF, Beserker Rage, and my PvP trinket to keep me from getting CCd.

    If you have an arms warrior Piercing howl is great for AoE movement reduce.

    If you have deathknights using Death grip is a great way to pull a new target into where all your melee DPS is. We used two back to back death grips to pull our first target all the way across the room.

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    What is the addon that pops up "Prayer of Mending is available"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stahphoo View Post
    What is the addon that pops up "Prayer of Mending is available"?
    Most likely MiksScrollingBattle text

    MikScrollingBattleText - Addons - Curse

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    25 man comments

    I would note that this fight (in our opinion) came down to dispels and keeping people alive. CC is used to help with both of the above, but we finally downed it after having dedicated healers assisting off the (NPC) rogue and warrior to help keep their targets up. We had 3 dks pulling healers into different sides of the room where we CCed the druid and had 3 dps/interruptors occupy the pally while the rest of the raid burned down the shaman.

    I would say that the first 2 minutes of the fight are the worst (basically burning down the first healers two healers). Shaman was first up on the chopping block, moving on to the pally. Warrior was next, and after that we finished up the rogue, druid, and then mopped up the rest.

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    Hell I'm freakin out!
    Love pvp and I can't wait for this encounter to beat my raid up... or after some tries vice versa!

    sounds really great!

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    I really enjoyed this encounter. I actually went prot heals on my pally for this fight and had a great time doing it. 33k health in my heal set with 10k Flash of light crits! As a pally I can't stress enough how helpful your dispells are for this encounter.

    Only took us a few attempts to figure who to focus down first. We ending up taking down the shaman first. Those totems were pretty annoying. Then we focused the pally healer and from there the dps went down easily.

    Only problem is the instance bugged and we were locked in with no chest. Lame

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    I'm not sure I mentioned this here yet but we had over 200 interrupts from Fan of Knives spam on our kill. The ability to do this will be removed in 3.2.2 but for this week at least it's very valuable to know. (Aliena noted it in her movie as well)

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    We spent some time wiping on 25m but took it down when we adjusted our approach last night: we decided to leave some tanks as tanks to reduce the damage people were taking

    - First off we were 23 manning it, attendance issues with school coming back soon
    - Due to limited players we didn't have as much CC as we would like
    - Tanks can't keep agro but constant taunts, stuns, etc can certainly do a good job of keeping targets away from squishy dps. We kept the dps shammy, warrior and dk tanked with taunts, stuns, etc to keep them away from the rest of the raid a good 75-85% of the time
    - Mage locked down the rogue with sheep/ice spam
    - CC their healers and burst down marked healers 1 by 1

    It made a big difference having the main DPS threat (rogue/shammy/warrior/druid) kept away from our clothies. Even with limited CC due to under-manning it you should be able to easily lock down their healers when targets are marked and it is clear who is responsible for which CC target.

    This fight is nothing more then some PvP exposure to CC madness. Aggrivating at first but fairly easy once everyone is clear on their role, who is locking down what & kill order. (we didn't use the fan of knives spam but I suppose it is very nice to use prior to 3.2.2)

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    They start grouped up enough to hit 8-10 of them with hungering cold. When hungering cold is about to fade, they'll still be grouped up for psychic scream / intimidating shout. When that fades, they'll be split nicely for single target cc (we assigned ours before the pull). Once that hits DR, counterspell lockout the next cast.

    By that time the healers should be face down in the dirt and it becomes a matter of picking a random target and zerging it while spamming FoK, frost traps, and chains. The encounter is a bit more hectic than the first two (and will potentially be brutal in hard mode as a result), but ultimately it is still easier than the ulduar hard-mode content, and perhaps some of the later ulduar easy-mode content.

    A few other random notes:
    * The warrior will shattering throw the first thing to use divine shield.
    * Classes with AE attacks as part of their single-target rotation (howling blast, whirlwind, divine storm) will suffer slightly on damage due to the AE damage reduction.
    * CC that makes the target immune to damage (banish) is best.
    * CC that completely removes a target and breaks after a set amount of damage (fear, hex) is strong as well.
    * Multi-target control is an excellent opener, even if it breaks on damage (hungering cold, psychic scream, intimidating shout), but can be harder to use later in the encounter.
    * Damage outside the focus target is a waste.
    * The npc's deal small amounts of damage to almost everyone. Surviving this is easy as long as you keep up on dispelling debuffs.
    * Occasionally, melee will deal large surges of damage to players. These spikes can be difficult to predict, but are the primary reason anyone will die (particularly if coupled with a healer being locked down in 10, or several in 25).
    * Death grip and chains of ice spam is an excellent way to address the above.
    * PvP trinkets are useful for dispel classes, but otherwise somewhat a waste. The rest of the raid should be getting debuffs removed promptly anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Satorri View Post
    Has anyone tested to see if Resilience is effective against these mobs?

    I absolutely love this fight, but the less pvp-eager/pvp-averse raiders have a lot more trouble with it than the pvpers.
    We started the fight in pvp gear if we had it. Then after a few wipes we looked through the combat log and saw.... no crits. So we all dumped our pvp gear. As for res's other effect to reduce player damage, I doubt it would work here. It's a pvp-style encounter for raiders, meaning raiders get pvp light and shouldn't need pvp gear/specs to handle this. That is if I'm assuming Blizz's intentions correctly here.

    It is a fun fight and the more I think about it I wonder if we should have had more target splitting.

    We went from futilely killing their healers to blowing them up in 30 seconds and finishing with only one death. All of our attempts had a rogue lock down the second healer while we worked on the first. So I guess something just clicked. Two of our players said they did no dps between dispel/cc and being cc-ed/running for their lives. But it worked out, so this fight isn't just about dps I guess.

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    Took us four tries to get it last night.... so I'll let you in on our strategy.

    We took out the healers first. We preferred killing the priest first and the resto druid second. I went in as a prot warrior and charged off the bat. Very first thing I did was fear bomb.... we bloodlusted and ff'd the priest. When fear was over, we had a priest fear bomb.... and then another warrior after that. It was a huge help.

    The key to the fight is getting the first three guys down FAST and dispelling like crazy. We had about 280 dispells.

    Once the fear bombs were done, we had the first one dead. I switched to the off healer (the one we werent killing) and I interrupted as much as I could. We assigned someone to kill the totems the moment they popped up. I believe they made a macro, but I cannot confirm this. That totem heals like crazy so you gotta get it down.

    Once the healers were dead, we took out the hunter, the rogue, arms warrior and spriest.

    The entire time, we had our shammans hexing, mages sheeping, ret pallys repentancing, locks banishing (druid healer) and chain fearing. We didnt use a ton of CC in the beginning because it seemed like the toons that CC'd got targetted and focus fired. Only after the healers were dead did we do a lot of that.

    Rogues can also sap before the fight, which we used.... but it doesnt last long so its only a minor help.

    Get the first two healers down fast and you should be in good shape. Make sure to have TONS of dispells.

    Good Luck
    Deeps for show..... tank for dough.....

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    Erm, how much hp do they have on 10 man?

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    around 400k each iirc

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    Totally NO-PVE figth

    Hello guys
    Iam here to express my opinion about this,...the fact is that blizzard really screwed things this time, i love the game and i thank to blizz about that but they really screwed things on this boss. This were soppose to be another raiding instance, even being sort of a arena. Iam at a PVE guild and when we faced this boss(es) we were petrifide with the figth.
    95% PVP.Comon I hate PVP and iam not good at it.Actually nearly all my guild hate PVP as well. And we need to kill this one if we actually want to get throw the rest of the instance.Even if someone says the the inverse its the truth this is PVP even if were figthing NPC, its like battling bots in a arena or warsong Gluth. it PVP and the rest is nothing.Each one with 2.4M O.o like what? I even will not comment about this.

    This is my opinion, and i totally respect other opinions, but iam really mad with this.

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