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Thread: Hacked, armorless, and I need help :(

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    Hacked, armorless, and I need help :(

    So I was ready to MT Nax when I last played 2 months ago, I recently logged back on to find all my gear is gone! But they did leave 400g in my bank.

    I e-mailed blizz and they went through their investigation for 3 days to tell me that they can't get my gear back because it's been so long.... so they gave me 800 gold.....

    800g... really? My armor plated shotty alone was worth that much.

    So I'm a naked level 80 tauren warrior running around with 1200g. How do I go about getting new gear? AH stuff is a start, but I can't get much with 1200g, and nor will I be geared enough to even do regular daily instances...

    All help and advice is sooo very welcome.

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    find some old friends and guildies who will help carry you through some heroics or naxx maybe =T that really sucks man.

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    get guildies to carry you through naxx10 and heroics...it shouldnt take long since there is ALOT of great gear available from emblems alone.

    thats really your only option.

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    Ok so after much bickering to GM's in-game I was given some gear equal to what i had. I'm soooo relieved.

    ....what now? I haven't played in months and the most hardcore things I did were tanking the 5man heroics of WotLK.

    What's everyone raving about now? Back then it was Naxx, now what? Should I even bother with Naxx?

    I used to hit up the battlegrounds for gear a lot, but I cant seem to find out where the new set rewards are. Are they arena only? I can't find them anywhere but the arena vendors. The org vendors don't have the new stuff.

    Thanks again

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    You can't really "bother" with later raid content if you don't bother with Naxx - its a gearing path. IE: You get gear suitable to tank later content by running Naxx. You can get some stuff with badges and there is some good crafted stuff but you'll find that its likely a bit spendy, particularly when upgrades in instances are free (except for the investment of time and effort)

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    1) Run heroic ToC everyday because the drops in there are of equal iLvl to Ulduar 10. (iLvl 219) Additionally, the itemization is fantastic!
    2) Run the heroic dailies to collect Triumph emblems
    3) Run the normal daily (heroic version of that instance) and additional chain heroics to collect conquest badges for conquest gear.
    *) Chain run normal ToC for the Black Heart stamina trinket and to collect Abyss shards for the good enchants.

    Gearing up has never been easier. You should be good to go in almost 1-2 weeks. From my experience, pugging Naxx can be inconsistent as a lot of people who run it are alts or perhaps unskilled players. I've had better success getting 1-2 friends who are already well geared (the remaining can even be pugged) and just chaining heroics for conquest emblems.
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    Thank you so much for the help.

    But the new badges... conquest and triumph.... where do I get them? Where's ToC? Where are these new dailies?

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    Conquest badges drop from every heroic and non-colosseum boss now, additionally the normal dungeon daily gives you one in addition to the rep token.

    Triumph badges drop from the colosseum bosses and you get two from the heroic daily. The normal and heroic dailies are given by the questgivers outside of Violet Hold in Dalaran.

    ToC is in the northeast corner of icecrown. There's a whole tournament grounds set up there. ToC stands for Trial of the Champion (in the case of the 5 man), ToC10/25 is the raid and stands for Trial of the Crusader.

    There ar a bunch of dailies up there as well, and you can gain rep with your faction cities pretty easily with them.

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