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Thread: leveling a fury warrior

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    leveling a fury warrior

    Hi guys,

    I'm very new to the WOW scene been playing for around 2/3 months and have a few 60+ characters however me main is a fury warrior. I level'd my warrior fury specced from the beginning, as only recently found out off other sites this isnt preferred however i now really feel my fury warrior is starting to get into his stride but am a little lost and looking for advice.

    I have been really focusing on hit as was loosing faith due to the constant "MISS" i kept getting on mobs, but since reading alot on this site i am led to believe 6% is a good benchmark, noob question 6% of what?

    Also am now lost on the talents as you can probs guess looking at my armoury link below, and am open to suggestions that would make me a better fury warrior in terms of gear/weapons/stats i should focus on while heading towards 80.

    be nice!

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    thanks in advance


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    they are referring to 6% hit from gear most likely (when you add 3% hit from precision you have 9-10% hit).

    with lvling toons, i tend to just put talents towards one of the end-game builds (18/53/0 in fury's case) especially as a warrior since you can't heal so you have to have high dmg talents to increase your chance to live while questing.

    even though at 80 arms is better dmg than fury at low gear lvls, fury is a better spec to level with due to increased rage gen and better multi-mob handling (through whirlwind and cleave).

    would be good to change your glyphs since rending is considered an arms glyph (cant rend in zerker stance, which you will sit in alot as fury). get whirlwind to replace the rending glyph, and maybe execution or cleaving for your second, depending on if you pull alot of mobs at once or not.

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    right, i have been changing stances in fights.

    example, start in battle stance with battle shout up, then charge>rend then switch to berserker stance, build rage then recklesness, BT>WW Slam when instant and throw in HS if lots of rage and repeat.

    So i presume i shouldn't be switching stances then for real fury and to push my damage up!?

    on the gearing side am i right to spec for hit items at mt level or are the fury principles the same STR - AP

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