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Thread: Warrior glyph for lower level content

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    Warrior glyph for lower level content

    So i decided to take the blocking / devistate and either heroic strike or revenge glyphs when raid tanking 25 man naxx, heroics and very early ulduar.

    Due to my low level of raiding and low block value i was thinking of trading the blocking glyph to cleaving to make heroics easier.

    with the glyph of block only adding an average of 50 damage to my SS, is it really needed to maintain suitable TPS in this lower level.

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    I'd be more inclined to keep Glyph of Blocking for lower level raiding. It's a constant TPS bonus, and a constant damage reduction bonus against mobs that don't hit awfully hard (so % wise, you're getting more damage reduction than you would be against higher tier raid mobs).

    It's a great glyph. If anything, I'd be swapping out the heroic strike glyph for cleaving if you want it.

    My 2c.

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