I am hitting a snag in my gear currently.

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I have been finding myself too low on hit and way too high on expertise. I just replaced my tier7.5 chest with tier8.5 and thats where the problems started occuring. I had to gem for hit and also use hit food to even come close to the cap. It also seems like any item I swap out drops my crit exceptionally low in order to pick up hit. Such as the badge necklace with str/hit/arp. I am currently using marrowstrike and have the edge of ruin in my bag, but that puts me up to 34 expertise and drops my crit by about 3-4%. I am looking at the stormedge from 10man Hodir, but again that will destroy my crit rating for hit. I am sitting at 46.28% ArP without battlestance modified in currently.

Looking for ideas as to what to get / replace. I dont get to run 25man anything on my warrior, only 10man Toc and mostly normal mode ulduar. (No one needs a warrior tank and I cant do hard mode pugs on two characters.. my patience cant handle it!) Most times pugs cant even grasp the mimiron fight so it's hard pressed to get my warrior in a 10man Uld past him. This is excluding 25man naxx/sarth.. that is easily puggable.