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Thread: Reckoning Dead?

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    Reckoning Dead?

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I've long been a fan of reckoning - I leveled as prot in BC and it was basically my sole source of single target dps. But i'm noticing a lot of prot pallies skip it these days. Is it that bad now?

    If so, where would those 5 pts best be spent? I'm mt for ulduar and totc.


    Edit: On closer inspection i'm starting to think i should look at completely revamping my spec. Kinda havn't touched it since i hit 80. Any suggestions on what talents i don't have that would benefit me in end game and on any talents i have that i don't need would be appreciated.
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    View topic - 3.2 Frequently Argued Questions. AKA: Advanced tanking FAQ. - Maintankadin

    Great resource that covers most of what you need to know about current raid tanking as a Paladin, with links to work that supports the recommendations.

    In short, reckoning is one possible option you have to get to the bottom half of the prot tree, but you should never max it (3/5 is the maximum you should invest, there are simply better threat talents available for the other two points). With the new SoV it's actually moderate threat, whereas post 3.2 it was almost entirely worthless.

    Looking at the bigger picture, your spec is a little strange you're quite right, and is very prot heavy. 53 points gets you everything you need from prot, at which point you can look to holy for improved lay on hands, or ret for all the goodness in there, or some mixture. What you do with the remaining 18 points is your call and largely depends on your goals, but I have to say I personally feel the new vindication is almost mandatory for Paladin tanks, especially since you don't want the holy option. My current spec is 0/53/18 picking up Crusade, which is the superior threat choice for the majority of Coliseum and only slightly worse in Ulduar, but Seals of the Pure is also good (slightly better in Ulduar) threat once you've gone far enough into ret for vindication and possibly Pursuit of Justice.

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