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Thread: Prot PvP aspirations.

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    Prot PvP aspirations.

    This is my first post so Hi everyone!

    I'd like to say this forum is awesome! I have just been reading and reading so much content in here to learn from.

    Alright this is where I need some advice.

    I just dinged 80 and I have been doing bg's for honour, spec'ed prot. I love prot pvp, its just my gear is so crap mostly blues from quests and instances from my way to 80.

    I really need some help or advice on where to start on my journey to epic pvp items.

    I saved up enough honour for a cloak and I am going to get some rings and trinkets. Where do I go after this?

    I want to get my shield block value up for the shield slams and I want that survivability to last through battles.

    thanks in advance for any help.

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    i never pvpd as prot personelly but with the patch they put block values effect on shield slam on diminishing returns so it may not be the wise choice to go anymore

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