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Thread: Improved Disarm

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    Improved Disarm

    So I dropped deep wounds and traded it for improved disarm lately, and I've been really happy with it.

    Originally I was mostly running heroics with my warrior, so I was speccing accordingly - there is tons of stuff that you can disarm in there, and faster clears are always good.

    However, I'm really impressed with it in a raiding environment as well. I searched the forums and found a couple reports that the +10% damage is bugged, but unless I have amazing luck, the 10% bonus to my own damage is clearly there. I have NOT verified that it applies to group mates.

    So far in ToC, the first northrend beast is disarmable, and it appears that all the faction champions are disarmable. I use disarm every cooldown on thorim (both gauntlet and arena), as well as the Vezax trash.

    Personally, I've had no threat problems as of late, as long as I'm keeping vigilance assigned appropriately, so I had some wiggle room. My personal dps is not that significant in the grand scheme of things, so I didn't mind dropping deep wounds.

    Just thought I'd share my results - I'm very impressed with improved disarm and plan on raiding with it for a while.

    Edit: This probably should have been in the mechanics forum. If a friendly moderator wants to move it for me, I'd appreciate it.
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    I used to have this talent in the earlier part of this year, but I was disappointed with how few raid bosses could be disarmed, so I got rid of it. My thinking with having it was that it would increase raid damage, since it doesn't specify that it only increases *your* damage. It's nice that Blizz at least made Gortok disarmable. I hope more is to come.
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    I dropped it earlier this year when like... no one in Naxx or half the heroics were disarmable

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lenox View Post
    few raid bosses could be disarmed
    Pretty much sums it all... Imp disarm is very nice talent, however we have too much good talents so we cannot afford to dump some others to get that. Simple as that... And - DW is making much more for the raid then imp disarm over the course of whole instance...
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    I have recently switched my secondary spec to 5/5/61 (improved Spell Reflect and Disarm) for specific fights. I use this secondary spec when I run ToC10/25. I have been rather pleased with these little nic-nacs that an otherwise Gluth type encounter and spec would not provide...

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    Disarm is of rare use in raids because only two classes have it. It's similar to how you don't need priests in 10-man Razuvius. The magnataur doesn't require disarm to tank, he's just easier to tank(though not to the point a no-disarm raid would have trouble) then because the bleed will take longer to stack.
    Alternatively they could give it to another two or three dps classes and call it good for raiding.

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