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Thread: balancing warrior mitigation

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    balancing warrior mitigation

    Hello all, I have a few questions as to mitigation.

    First, Ill list my stats:

    talent build 13/3/55
    current gear: WoW Heroes - World of Warcraft PvE character info & ratings

    33822 health
    24829 AC
    544 def
    23.47% dodge
    17.57% parry
    33.14% block 1930 block value (before lavanthors talisman which is equipped, along with the black heart)

    3403 ap
    178 hit (5.43%)
    0 ArP
    18 exp (4.5%)

    these are all unbuffed

    my questions are as follows:

    1) what is the "best" mitigation stat to stack, as a warrior tank

    2) Is there a point of diminishing returns on block? and if so, at what %?

    Ill have other questions as I get the answer to those, thanks for taking a look, much appreciated!


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    IMHO, there is no "best" mitigation stat to stack. It's a balance. I usually insure I have enough Stam to survive back to back hits from what ever boss I'm fighting, I try to keep my avoidance ~45% (not block, parry and dodge). Expertise AT LEAST to soft cap; I rarely ever have more then 3% hit, I muc prefer expertise, even to hard cap, then hit. (Expertise is always better then hit.)

    I personally gem for Stam in blue sockets, def/stam in yellows, expertise/stam in reds.

    I do not believe there is DR on block, but block is very underwhelming against most bosses.. the reality is block is gravy, and you should never gear for it unless your building a trash set.

    This is my personal strategy, not everyone agree. Some people stack stam, others avoidance... it's my personal belief that a balance is required. Further I consider it very important to analyze each encounters mechanics and tailor your gear for that boss. For example, tanking Steelbreaker at Iron Council is a very different gear set-up then tanking Auriaya. Steelbreaker hits slow and hard, and if your dispeller is slow... high EH is a must; however Auriaya hits much weaker and quicker.. and avoidance / shield block can really increase your healers mana efficiency.

    I hope that helps answer your questions.
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    Block rating is completely linear and it's not overpowered(for hard hitting bosses) because block value is also linear, meaning that if you are going to take a hit for 3k and you have 2k block value, you blocked 2/3 of the damage. However, if you are going to be hit for 30k and you block 2k, you blocked 1/15th of the damage.

    Block rating/value gear can be very powerful for heroics and trash, or anywhere that you're getting hit by smaller numbers, but doesn't help so much for heavy hitters. I suppose there could be certain gear points where a blocked hit lets you take 3 hits instead of 2, but with block values relatively low compared to boss hits this isn't a very frequent thing.

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    You probably want this in the HALP! forum since it's taylored more to your specific needs.

    Also note, mitigation != Avoidance.


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