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Thread: Help warrior tank

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    Help warrior tank

    I've recently decided to come back to tanking. I've been playing my warlock way to much and now that I want to come back to my warrior tank. I was a awsome tank in BC. I dont have a clue what to stack anymore. There are so many threads on here I dont know where to start. My question is what are the stacking orders now? Stam,expertise,hit,dodge,parry,BR,BV,strength or what im lost. I tried to go into the new 25 toc and I was literaly a joke! I have never been so embarassed in this game ever. I need some serious help I realy want to get back to tanking. Whats the best in slot for main tanking Ulduar 10,25 and TOC 10,25???? Please help or tell me where to find the real info not a guess

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    Its hard to say what you need to improve since you haven't provided an armory link nor have told us in what way you were a "joke".

    To do an adequate amount of threat you want to be expertise soft-capped (26expertise) and have a fair (~5%) amount of hit.

    For survivability you want to be at or above the defence minimum which I guess you are. After that you want to stack stamina basicly since you will get enough of avoidance and mitigation stats from the rest of your gear.

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    Try some of the articles found here: http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f200/...s-listing.html

    I recommend asking us more specific questions once you've learned all you can from those good luck!

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