Im a prot war (its a lot of fun) and I am able to tank the first 3 bosses in Ulduar. When we got to iron council I got oneshoted some how. There was no dmg in anyone's combat log....

Aside from that I would like some help on my spec and gemming for my current gear. I keep having an issue in the back of my head that I don't have enough avoidance.

I would be running heroics for my conquest gear however, Arthas (the server I'm currently on) is having issues with heroics and blizzard dose not want to fix it. (we cant get into heroics)

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Threat hasn't been an issue except when swapping the boss with other tanks. I am either Super High on threat or a lil lower.I don't use vigilance very much however I like to have it when running raids in case we have a Hunter or a Lock that throws up a lot of threat.