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Thread: which first?

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    which first?


    Obligatory armory out of the way.

    So OK, as the title says, which upgrade should I get next?

    I have 67 frost right now, and I have all the mats for Pilalrs of Might except for 3 primodial saronite.

    My question is: Do I wait till I get 95 badges and get Cataclysmic Chestguard, or do I cash in my badges for saronite and get Pillars of Might now?

    According to wowhead, these are the gains for each one based on my current gear:

    Cataclysmic Chestguard vs Ghoul Commander's Curiass:
    28 Sta
    1291 Armor
    27 Defense (5.49)
    82 Expertise (10)

    Pillars of Might vs Ymirjar Lord's Legplaguards:
    16 Sta
    53 Str
    1290 Armor
    77 Parry (1.57%)
    1 Socket

    Armor gains are the same, once gemmed stam gains will be about the same as well. I'm WELL above 540 def so that's not a concern to me, and I'm close to the exp "soft cap" so I'm not much worried about that either. I'm really tempted to just get the legs because I've been scrounging for so long, but I really don't wanna blow trinkets on saronite until I've gotten everything else I need. What do you all think? Which is the better upgrade for me right now?

    Keep in mind I have no other t10 so set bonuses aren't important. And I doubt I'm going to even them in a hurry.

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    I'd save for the chestguard and continue farming for the legs. It's a hard grind, but I like them.

    Also: Yes, I was in the same position as you are (except I'm more looking at the trinket than I am looking at the chest), I opted to save the emblems and grind out the legs. In the end, it worked out much better for me.
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