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Thread: Glyphs - Advice needed

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    Glyphs - Advice needed

    Heya all,

    Im in need of some advice. Im having trouble deciding what glyphs to pick (Minors I got picked, just majors I'm having trouble at).

    First of all, my armory: The World of Warcraft Armory

    Im currently rolling with Glyph of Blocking, Glyph of Cleaving and Glyph of Revenge. Now Cleaving I find very useful since I mostly tank heroic's and 10 mans, for the multimob packs the extra 1 target for the cleave helps a lot. Now Revenge I find quite a TPS booster in boss encounters and others.

    The last one I'm not sure about tho, I need you guys to give me opinions on the Glyph of Blocking. Is it really that useful? I just really picked it because it seemed like a good glyph, but now I'm having doubts about it. Should I replace it with something like Glyph of Shield Wall or Glyph of Vigilance (is that even useful for 10 man raids?).

    Any answers are appreciated really Thanks in advance.


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    I really don't know what your tanking situation is but for just threat glyph of blocking, cleave and devastate would be my pick. I have recently switched to devastate because of the discussion on it here http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f14/5...vastate-2.html. I use glyph of devastate, Shield wall, and last stand because I need them to tank general vezax.

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    What your tanking will usually determine when you use specific glyphs, as Mell mentioned. My current glyph setup is Blocking, Devastate, and Shockwave.

    The first of which i would call a must-have due to the additional threat and block, almost irreplaceable with other options unless for a specific encounter / tank situation.

    The second I've always been a fan of even before the change to devastate in 3.2 making it even better.

    The third is the one i feel is the most replaceable, possibly something i could change out depending on what I'm tanking, but for the most part i feel its the most flexible glyph for general tanking. Glyph of Cleave might end up taking it's place but i feel like the extra targets and stun from shockwave make it better for multi-tanking.

    With 3.2 making shield specialization give almost triple the rage it did before and 3 times as often, i feel like glyph of revenge doesn't really have a place anymore since it seemed like it was designed to help cure rage starvation. I've noticed that in most fights since 3.2, and especially multi-tanking fights, my rage floats around 75-95 due to the rage from shield spec, so a cleave-spam or heroic strike-spam are no problem.

    My recommendation is to go with Mell's pick on this one.

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    Thank you Mell and Duewfoe for your answers. I think my decision is to pick Glyph of Devastate, Glyph of Blocking and Glyph of Shockweave. I used to have shockweave but switched it away.

    I do agree what you said Duewfoe, with the 3.2 changing the shield talent I don't need the revenge glyph since Im already having trouble to dumb all the rage I'm getting. Thank you for making that clear to me

    And Mell, thank you for that link. I hadn't even seen that thread before and now in my eyes Glyph of Devastate starts to seem worth it

    So, Glyph of Blocking, Glyph of Devastate and Glyph of Shockweave here I come

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