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Thread: Druid Stats

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    Druid Stats

    Here are the stats of 2 feral druid tanks on my server. Let me know which one you guys think is better off. All stats in caster form
    Druid 1 Druid 2
    STR 354 319
    AGI 1125 1047
    STAM 2181 1787
    ARMOR 7957 6885
    AP 1795 1940
    CRIT 29.69 29.17
    HIT 89 130
    HASTE 103 166
    EXP 68 157
    DEF 417 412
    DODGE 28.89 28.14

    Thank you for any comments in advance.

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    not entirely sure what you are asking. Druid 1 has higher mitigation and substantially higher stamina. Druid 2 has better threat stats, mostly by being close or at the hit and expertise cap. Unless my calcs are wrong the AP difference is erased by the extra strength and agility, so the only things better on druid 2 are haste and the hit and expertise. Unless you are overgearing content and are grouping with very strong and trigger happy DPS, Druid 1 is the more robust tank. I can't really calculate armor because of the way the contributions from different pieces of gear are handled (druid 1 has significantly higher armor but for all I know they both may be capped), but in bear druid 1 should have close to 6000 more health, 1.5% more crit, 2%+ more dodge. Is this what you were looking for?

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    Yes, thank you. The Druid 1 is me and Druid 2 is another druid on my server, who gems and enchants different than me. I was curious to see if someone else was seeing something I didn't. They would most likely have better threat due to expertise and hit, I think. But the higher stam and agi seems better to me.
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