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Thread: 80 DK tank.

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    80 DK tank.

    Hello. I am a current dual spec tank. Frost tank, 33.5 k unbuffed. I was wondering if i could get some input on my gear and spec to see if anything needs changes, thanks for your time. Im open to ANYTHING. Just ideas.

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    Just a couple suggestions.

    Gear enchants:
    Super Health to Chest for more HP
    Agility to cloak for added armor and avoidance.

    Frost Talent Changes:
    Drop Scent of Blood and Morbidity.
    Max out Bladed Armor, and pick up Acclimation, preferably 3/3 (requires dropping Epidemic from Unholy as well)

    Replace Icy Touch with Howling Blast unless you use a two disease rotation.

    Otherwise, looks pretty darn good.
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    First off, you might want to qualify your request by saying what sort of problems if any you are having.

    Personally, I would avoid Hade's suggestions. I think what you did was fine because of the following:
    -Dropping 10 chest means losing alot of other stats for a non scalable stat, HP. 10 stats scales with kings in raids, and having 10 stats also provides 10 str, 10 agi, etc in addition to 10 stam. Your HP is in good shape.
    -Dropping defense from cloak wouldnt be my first place to change, you are only 3 skill over cap, thats not a lot when you are expecting gear changes. Your next piece of gear could have less defense, putting you back to defense to cloak. Having said that, if you want to tweak it abit, agility is pretty decent, it scales with BoK.

    -Im guessing you have morbidity and DnD glyph to tackle AoE. I personally would keep it up but I suppose you could try it. I support your choice over Hades.
    -If you are capping RP, then yes switch out some Scent of Blood for Bladed armor, otherwise the Frost Strikes are far more valuable than a few extra AP.
    -Frost fever slows enemies, and therefore is a survival tool. Dropping epidemic means losing some slowing. I would avoid that as well.
    -Acclimation is a horrible talent for spending 3 points. Used for situational fights.

    Now, for what I WOULD include.
    -Socket your bracers! (not exclusive to the enchant)
    -You seem to be socketing a lot of dodge. Bear in mind that overstacking one stat subjects it to diminishing returns (takes more of the stat to get same benefit as it goes up). You could try pure stamina gems instead, starting in the blue slots first (2x chest, 1x legs).
    -If threat is an issue, keep in mind expertise cap (26 is soft cap, you are at 23), and hit cap (soft cap is 263, you are at 212). However, while not capped, your levels are pretty good.
    -You could consider PvP shoulder patch (30 stam and resilience). I prefer like you the Hodir enchants myself.
    -If you have other trinkets, for certain fights you could try swapping essence of gossamer for an avoidance trinket (something that gives dodge/parry), but if you are not sure, those are pretty good. I would keep the Black Heart regardless of the situation.

    Again, need more info, I can't see why you need advice here.

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