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Thread: 3.2 Arms ArP and gear selection

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    3.2 Arms ArP and gear selection

    Could anyone link me their armory that makes use of a ArP setup.

    I want to move over to this gear setting, but not sure which armor pieces are best ie: what to use as pve and what to use as PVP.

    I know Grim Toll is the trinket of choice for this setup.

    With resillience being strong now post patch, how many PVE ArP pieces are you guys running, what resillience are u sliding down to, to achieve this.

    Before I know resillience was never a biggy on the priority list. So where is the balance between high survivability and high dps.

    Armory links and suggestions will be great thanks
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    i gem for arp in my pvp set and use my t8.5 helm. also i use cindershard ring off ignis 25 and the new wg arp ring with grim toll. iirc i have ~30% from just gems and gear in my pvp set. i'm not mace spec though, i tried ironsoul but just went back to betrayer.

    alot of the top warriors in 2s and 3s are using arp and mace spec, using mostly gems and rings/necks for pve pieces.

    veev - the number 1 warrior in 3s atm armory: The World of Warcraft Armory

    i basically use his setup as a guide.

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