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Thread: Need TPS help

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    Need TPS help

    Ok I've been tankin on my DK for a few months now and I'm really self-conscious about my threat. I've tanked on my warrior and pally in ulduar plenty and my DK is my new main in my current guild. I've had plenty of tanking experiences but I feel like I'm falling short on my DK when it comes to threat. I'ma post my Armory link and if anyone can find something that I can do to improve my threat gen let me know.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    My single target rotation is IT PS OB BS BS then FS spam. For AoE i drop Dnd HB (glyphed for FF) and lastly BB. Please let me know if you can find anything, spec glyphs rotation or if its just my gear.

    The last note is my guildies are all very geared and push some uber dps so I may just not be geared as well as them yet, I joined not 2 long ago and I'm still using Ironsoul which hurts my wep dmg alot. So thanks for any help.

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    Ok... your glyped for both HB and Disease?? Bit of a contradiction! If you want more threat drop disease and get RS (Which is the default tank glyph). If you want to keep the HB glyph then get it into your rotation and start like this

    HB -> BS -> BS -> OB -> OB -> OB -> OB (No need for PS and FF will be up thanks to HB)

    Make sure you have a good mod to watch for KM and Rime procs and use them accordingly. Also keep RS (although im sure you do) macro'd to all your key abilities as to give it max uptime. Lastly if your RP starved get some points into SoB, id suggest dropping Acc and RPM to do so.


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    Ok i'll definetly give that rotation a try but i cant get sob because i need to have the reduced cd on dnd because guild demands it for thorim and my frost tree is bare min for hb.

    Aside from that yea i got HB glyph on the fly and ive used disease glyph for so long i didnt even think that way but definetly will replace that. Thanks for the advice.

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    Personally, I'd drop the Imp Icy Touch and finish off Acclimation for added mitigation, as well as picking up Deathchill for front-loaded threat via HB. The rotation I use most on trash is DnD, HB, BB, then HB, BB x2, and OB. I like to spread the crap out of my AoE stuff to maintain aggro because I'm just getting into Naxx for the first time this weekend, but a lot of the people I run with have naxx25 on farm lol. Single targets, toon's rotation is MARVELOUS. I think I'll steal it myself lol. As far as your threat issues go.. well, I honestly can't see why you'd have any if you've got your rotation dialed and the DPS is spec'd for reduction. If you still have trouble with it, ask the DPS for a one rotation head start. Other than that, I'm out of guesses lol
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