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Thread: A Guide for Paladin's Noobs Like Me

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    A Guide for Paladin's Noobs Like Me

    Preface don't be a hater contruction feedback I am not an expert and I don't claim to be this is from a NEW player to WoW and a new tank.
    If it sucks let me know I will delete it.

    80 Noob Paladin Tanking: My Experiences That It Might Help You

    If you are new to tanking like I am be ready for people to be mad at you. People have much higher expectation and assume all tanks are already suppose to have done every boss/ mob out there immature but it becomes reality. I hope this will help you not be hated but you will get that feeling if you loose agro or if the party wipes everyone seems to blame the tank.

    Here is some quick learning I have had using this forum and my early experience (6 weeks now) as a level 80 Paladin tank.

    This is getting longer than I wanted it is just suppose to be a short outline of some things so that you will not be completely surprised and you can have it sit next to you for quick reference. I forget all the items in the videos etc so this is why I am writing this.

    Long standing tanks may hate this everyone might. If it sucks just ignore it, but I thought some one might get some use out of it.

    I leveled as a Ret Paladin got to 70 wanted to tank because I used to in Everquest 1 days (ya I am that old).
    My first tanking position was horrible did not consecrate or use the threat increase a couple people left then we finished as a 4 man they helped me out. I am not a great tank I keep working on it but you might pick up something good or worth trying as I keep looking for better ways to do things. Here are a few things to think about as you hit 80 it is FUN! But there is a progression

    1) You are not done you might not level but now you want gear so that you can go from 5 man normal instances to 5 man heroics, 10 man normal, 10 man heroics 25 man and so forth.
    a. Doing several 5 man normal is not a bad thing to learn tanking and as you do this wear the tabard to get your rep with Wyrmrest and Argent etc to buy better gear.
    2) A lot of people have been playing WoW for years if you are new they don’t always have the patience for the learning tank.
    3) Def cap is the most important thing first followed by stamina the real discussion in the forums seems to come out I am going to work on Hit next.
    4) Keep honing your skills I think I do a good job on single or 4 man pulls but have a hard time with adds during a fight or multiple adds. I am working on this I don’t have a suggestion but our AOE effects really help but when party members run around like chickens (and they will) it makes it tough.
    5) My goal (you should have one) is to maintain agro and taunt agro quickly and efficiently so that no one dies from a direct attack. I don’t worry so much about DPS but it correlates to agro so you can’t do 200 dps and expect to keep it over the person doing 2K.

    The guides say you can tank at lower HP points (19-20K) but a lot of groups will not take you because of it you still need to get Def cap first (see easy def cap gear in TS Forum) and then get Stamina. I ran the regular dungeons at 80 to get more money and gear and to improve tanking ability.

    I put a list of my addons together because they help me with my goal and for me enchance the game even more. I love addons I enjoy finding and trying them out almost as much as playing the game.

    Must Have Addons for Tanks IMO
    (set up options to show agro and change color to red to you can see the box outline change color) If you are soloing and the fram around you name does not change to red when you are attacking a mob you do nto have it set up right.
    I have Shift Left Click for Righteous Defense to Taunting 3 mobs of player selected (Red frame shown in Grid)
    I have Sacred Shield set for shift right click and can throw that on the person aggro’d.
    I have the other save them no damage for 10 seconds and they can not doing anything on the side button when pressing the shift key.

    Any new unit frame pick what you like make sure you can see party’s targets if you are in DSP mode (not target of target unless you can use the assist button extremely well on the tank)

    Recommend Dominos or Bartender I have all my action bars in the middle bottom of the screen ( I hot key and mouse click during battles)

    I just started using Tank Warning it helps tell the group/ healer what you are doing.

    Deadly Boss Mods tells you what spell is coming. I think this is the addon that tells me when Violet Hold portals are coming in between bosses which is nice.

    I recommend getting the Rating Buster addon so that when drops occur you only roll need on what you really need with a quick look to see if you will get more def, stam, str it makes this faster if you do not know what the item can do for you vs what you have. It helps now that blizzard allows you to give up something incase you selected need when you should not have.

    Get the Gear Score addon and look at how high the number is for each person in your group starting out at 80 I had a gear score of 2000-2500 ish when you see a DPS with a gear score of 4000 (25 man geared) be aware that they are going to pull agro off you and you will have to taunt a lot. If your healer is way lower it is good to know as well because it might be hard for them to heal (maybe) but a good measure for how the gear is going to effect your agro and staying alive abilities.

    Addons I Enjoy Having
    Item Rack (if you are duel spec or change equipment at all it’s awesome)

    Pit Bull 4 ( Just spent 2 days configuring this not the easiest but not bugging like Xpearl since 3.2) I love Xpearl but I am getting a couple of eror windows from it still so I got rid of it.

    Quartz (takes some trial and error to get things where you want them) I enjoy this now but need to tweak it

    Skata ( I like it better than recount)

    Diamond Threat meter I am on the fence between this and Omen. Omen can be sized smaller but Diamond shows all the mobs on one window and agro of the group in another window.
    I do wish Diamond would allow me to make the window smaller.

    The auction packet

    Altas (shows you maps of all instances and where the bosses are in game)

    Satrina Buff Frames I have managed to get that how I want you need to play around with it but it will do what you want that is for sure.

    Enh Tool tip


    Omni CC

    Mozz Full World Map (you always get to see all of the zone)

    oGlow (puts the corresponding color glow around you items in bags and on you player screen)

    Sexy Map

    Action Bar Saver (very easy great for saving the action bar buttons you took so long to get right where you want)

    I have tried many others HUDs you name it if you have a question I might be able to give you my experience with it.
    Mik Scrolling Battle text just cluttered up my UI

    Getting ready for battle!

    Use Threat Enhancement !!!!! Buff 1st

    My key Binding layout
    E= Forward
    S= Strafe Left
    F= Strafe Right
    D= Back
    C= Sit (optional)
    R= Attack
    T= Bubble
    W= Hand of Reckoning (Taun)
    Q= Freedom from Nets etc
    A= Lay on Hands
    V= Consecrate
    Z=Divine Plea Mana Regen over 15 seconds
    B= Flash heal

    Don’t forget to buff Threat Enhancement!!!!

    My numbers keys are for attack spells 1-7
    I use Dominos and have all by Action bars for attack, healing, saving others. I set them up in the middle of the screen bottom working my way up I have 5 rows up. The top row is my attack spells. The top 2 rows are larger in size so I can click easily. I have Grid on the left hand size off the center of the screen to pick up agro on others quickly so I can taunt mobs off party members with Righteous Defense.

    Be ready to Lay on Hands during bosses try to wait for the last boss or the hardest boss (sometimes not the last) I try not to use this ability for trash seems pretty clear but just wanted to make the point. Watch your health you may have a poor healer or the healer may just need to heal some one else as you drop to 0.

    969 rotations is for boss or singles not group pulls use AOEs as they cool down on a first come first serve priority basis but the single hit spells in between the multi mob hit spells.

    I use the Seal of Wisdom and Hammer of Wisdom once you get to a point where you are not running out of mana (I always have mana issues at odd times). Boss encounters I will switch to Seal of Corruption if you have time and remember.

    Use Blessing of Sanctuary 10% health and you don’t loose health as fast.
    I use armor Aura unless another Paly already has it but make sure 2 or more paly players pick different auras.

    Also, Don’t for get to Buff THREAT EHANCEMENT people get mad if you forget ask me how I know J

    Multiple Mob Pulls
    Pick out the caster run in and use Hammer of Righteous, Consecrate, Holy Wrath (if proper mobs Avenger Shield if needed. Stun the caster as well. Basically set agro on all the mobs because DPS always AOE and you don’t want them to agro and so your healer does not pull agro. This does not always work but it is how I start out then try to get to a some what 969 but I Consecrate every time the cool down wears off. This might create my mana issues but I am more worried about loosing agro than anything else.

    If they are pulling from you ask to give you 3 seconds before they start in (people are impatient so it won’t last but ask).

    969 Rotations are covered in detail in this forum so look up the experts for this bosses and singles.

    I am going on memory this may not be 100% perfect but I tried to get a summary this forum is awesome for getting the details videos etc this is meant to be a print it off have a quick reference in a page or 2 for the instance

    Work in progress

    Boss #1 kill tank spank however watch agro after you get thrown around the room. I taunt with Sacred Shield first then spells to lock boss onto me.

    Boss #2 On your way here the Chaos Sparks ( I believe that is the name ) are priority on the platforms. Once you get to the boss Tank and spank he will dissipate into multiple mobs you have to get the small mobs completely destroyed before you go back to the big guy. Repeat until dead this one is harder than boss 1 and 3 IMO.

    Boss# 3 Big ice golem looking thing. Tank and spank he brings up ice spikes in the floor stay in a clear (flat) area otherwise the spike will grown and shoot you up in the air for more damage.

    Boss #4 The dragon…. no one told me the 1st time so I am telling you jump up and down (in one place is fine) or a stacking dot will kill you. If you are jumping, it is just a 969 rotation and taunting if you loose agro.

    Violent Hold Definitely do this normal a few times first get good at it before Heroic.
    Watch the portals open get there fast wait a second then consecrate before mobs come out. The worst 2 portals are on the left upper platform and the right upper platform because if you get there late the mobs split and take 2 paths. Instant cast something on the mob you made it to if they split up then run down the others and instant cast avengers shield then get the group together and consecrate. I start out on top of the upper section to reduce run time but no matter where you start the portal will be far away if you have my luck.

    Bosses Random Spawn
    The one of note is the guy from bottom prison (name??) he needs to be kited up the stairs then all the way across then back down the stairs otherwise you might run in to his balls of death he cast.
    The void walker has invisible spawns that only 1 player in group can see. That player needs to kill the adds (healer 1st) or group can ignore to get Void Dance achievement but I do not recommend unless the healer and DPS are upper geared.
    When you get to the dragon it is straight forward just keep agro so throw a taunt in with he 969 rotation watch the threat meter as well.

    Utguard Keep Quick Relatively Easy Run
    (FYI: Dragons keep them turned away from you group because the fire will kill you clothies)
    Boss #1
    □ Tank and Spank he spawns a group of skeletons just try to keep him near you and Consecrate/ AOE the adds. Pretty simple he is my most killed (by far) boss in the game. I use 969 rotation then AOEs to get the adds DPS may pull them to far away though.

    Boss#2/#3 Together
    Caster and Warrior
    □ Target the Caster use all AOE spells to agro both then switch to 969 rotation with some AOE spells to make sure you keep the warrior agro. After the caster is dead, kill warrior.

    □ The big man himself run up 969 the pants off him after he dies immediately run behind a pillar because of the blast he puts out he will get back up and then you will kill him.

    Utguard Pinnacle Harder learn the Instance as a DPS before tanking
    Boss# 1 The lady and the sword.
    Tank and spank she will turn into a sword and banshee’s will put on party member under the sword. The other party member need to kill the Banshees to release the person before the sword drops (banshees have low Hp). You can get an achievement if you pull a big guy have him almost dead and let the sword drop on him although the few groups I have been in trying this have wiped don’t do this as a low geared heroic 5 man group.

    Boss #2 Animal Chamber
    Start this using the standing fire pillar. Watch to see which animal the red beam brings to life and run to it before it animates. I try to face the creatures toward the wall so I have my back to the wall. It helps with any knock backs or in case of the worm the spitting does not get on the group. Also, for the rhino run up to him immediately so that he can not charge and stun you. The Boss at the end is pretty straight forward I find 969 rotation for all since they are single targets.

    Boss #3 Gauntlet I think this is the hardest Boss because of all the stuff you have to do.
    Designate a harpoon thrower I recommend it not be you.
    Run up the hall the boss will fly away and send waves of giants at you.
    AOE is your friend consecrate, Demon Undead Human blast stay out of the white mist from the dragon. You will be killing the groups of giants some harpoons will drop and the designated person will try to knock the boss off the dragon. Once the boss drops pick him up quick so that he does not get back onto the dragon (I messed that up once). Move away from the boss when he starts whirlwind or you will die.

    Boss# 4 King Yimron (watch for exploding Ships)
    Pray you get the sword drop it is sweet. Notice on the sides of the path to the king there are Viking ships this is important. Run up to him 969 him he will stun the party and go and light a boat on fire/rig to explode something like that. After your stun wears off, you now kite him slowly down the path away from that ship. The ship will explode so hopefully no one is around people needs to stay away from it or it will explode as well Bane I believe is the spell. If you kite him and people stay away from the ships, (this happens a few times before he dies) you can get an achievement for not setting off the ship.

    Halls of Lightning (Normal you want the Def Trinket from Last boss, Heroic has good stuff)
    Boss# 1
    Kill the mobs on the walkway watch the boss getting charged up make sure not to pull mobs as the boss gets there or it will be to much. I usually go to the right. I read a guide that tells you to watch for him to power down good idea but I have never been in a group that did. Tank and spank but stay away from him when he goes into whirl wind mode or you will die. He has 2 iron dwarves with him so I start out with AOE/multi hit spells before going to 969.

    Boss #2 Sparky
    Tank spank until he turns into static charge bolts when he starts this run away as the tank I usually run up the stairs. Watch getting pinned into a corner. Once you see the sparks starts moving to the center run up to make sure you get the agro first. I believe you have to reestablish target because you loose it when he turns in to sparks. Hit a quick taunt then blast to set agro. Repeat as needed until dead.

    Boss #3 Can’t remember if there is a 3rd I think there is though. Will look it up

    Boss #4 Loken
    You will be looking for the Def trinket to drop in Normal runs run it until you get the trinket. This was not as bad as I was hearing typically people run when he discharges. I run down the white path away from the throne once the charge is done run back repeat until dead. If you decide to stack and take the blast make sure you are on top of each other any DPS that is not in the healing area will die.

    H AN
    Having only run this once so far the adds are rough to keep agro.

    Kill the spiders small ones first, large one next then medium one. This first room blows. You can pull 1 group of 3 by itself after that the next pull brings everyone. I marked the small ones in all groups before pulling. You will need to taunt off teammates during this cluster so make sure you are good at taunting I use “Grid” set it up to show red outline when some one pulls agro and then I have “Clique” set up so that I can shift left click on the grid person with agro and taunt the mob off them. AOE spells every time the cool down wears off.

    The boss did not seem that bad after getting through everything else I will look for other guides to summarize this.

    Either to cut out a lot of this dungeon or this is just the way you do it you drop through the hole fall forever into water to get to the last boss.

    The final boss’s big spell will hurt you I have seen people discuss running through the legs to avoid this big hit but was not able to execute this well. He digs into the groud and a bunch of little adds come up and spiders. Watch for the ground rumble as spikes come out of it sending you into the air. My first round I had an issue with keeping agro off people we wiped once. Lots of mobs seem to be my Achilles heal.

    Strat In Caves of Time near Gatzgatken (sp?)

    Ran this in H mode for the first time was fun good story line with Arthus before he turned bad.

    You need to know the areas so I just followed but all the little zombies cause agro issues when you think some one pulled the group of 3-4 mobs but not really. Find the casters and get on top of them they will go after other members quickly it seemed.

    Overall no bosses here where that bad nothing special that I noticed.
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    Just a small comment, you forgot the stone boss in the nexus, the one where everybody has to stand between his feet.

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