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Thread: Death knight confused with 3.2

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    So in my Frost DW spec and tank gear I personally pull:
    32k HP (frost presense, this is unavoidable since I have improved)
    24k Armor (again, frost presence) 15k otherwise
    25% dodge
    20% Parry (This is with the +2% parry on both weapons)
    5.60 Miss, not sure if this includes from the talent or not.
    27 Expertise
    8.91% Hit
    11.13% spell hit
    2676 AP (frost presence).
    To be honest, I still stack stam in my blue slots, and +10 hit/+10 expertise in yellow and + 20 expertise in red.

    My gear is completely emblem/ToC gear. (And not even done at that.)

    Now compared to my blood spec, again in frost presence:
    33.8k HP
    5.96% miss
    25.66% dodge
    17.22% Parry
    24k armor
    8.91% Hit
    11.13% spell hit
    25 Expertise
    2992 AP

    I don't see how you only pull 30k HP in either. (unless you mean not in frost, in which case I do that too in specs)

    Anyway, I would gem stam like they said. But I would also look into emblem gear. iLvl isn't everything afterall.

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    Hi mate

    just had a quick look at your gear on the armory, my gear is The World of Warcraft Armory

    Now before I had the t8 t9 token gear, I had mainly uld items, and I could tank all the way up to hodir with out issues.

    With you gear you have now, I see no way why you cant do the same and more.

    For the guild healers to say you have to much HP thats laughable, are they smoking something, you have 30% dodge allready with out the 200 proc, and all the buffs.

    I think the guild healers may be the problem not you, your gear is fine if you ask me, you clearly know what your doing and you be hard pushed to get better gear with your current guild me thinks.

    Give me some of your gear lol


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