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Thread: Best setup

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    Best setup

    I'm new at this forum and if i'm at wrong forum, sorry for that.

    Atm My guild is raiding ulduar 10 men and we lost some tanks. I offered to do a tank doing a reroll. Our MT is a drood and i'm confused about which class i should do for a good setup.

    Ofc i think drood/drood is not good on 10 men. So i'm writing here to have the opinion of the best players.

    I think my decision should be between dk, paladin and warrior. Because drood is like stam + dodge, so i suppose he need a a tank with some avoidance with him, but i can be wrong.

    AS i know in the question of avoidance this shiuld be like this:

    DK - Parry + Dodge
    Paladin - Shield block + Parry + dodge
    Warrior - Shield block + Parry + Dodge

    OFC i should be wrong, because wil be the first time i will tank.

    Hope many people can answer to me trying to help me with their suggestions.

    Thank you alot for reading this and for replys.


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    Honestly, play what you want to play. Any of the tank classes can get the job done on any fight in game. Ignore the forum QQ about whatever tank is supposedly at the bottom at the moment.

    If you need to quickly reach 80, a DK does essentially start in Outlands. If you already have each class at or above 60, then you might just want to look into how each class tanks and see what fits you.

    Paladin tanking feels pretty rigid (to me at least) in the sense that you follow a fairly strict rotation.

    DK tanking flows in cycles (assuming a predictable fight) based on rune refreshes.

    Warrior tanking is about watching procs and reacting accordingly. It is probably the most demanding in terms of attention span.

    Hope that helps somewhat.

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    Ok, Thank you alot for that infos.

    But as i said, i will be new at tank. In your opinion which is the easier tank to play?
    And please tell me which one u will choose, if this situation was with you nerfme.ation

    Btw, my computer is not very good, so i suppose in case of warrior, u said i should have some attention and react depending on procs. Maybe warrior is not a good choice for me.

    Give me Your opinion, including which one u will choose in my situation.

    Thank you alot for replys

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    I would imagine that your computer would affect each of them equally. I guess the paladin 9,6,9 rotation would be pretty forgiving in that sense so maybe you would want to look into that.

    I really can't tell you what to choose. What I enjoy playing may very well have nothing to do with what you enjoy. What I can tell you is that, for me at least, I tank the best on what I enjoy the most. I could play any of the tank classes but some of them just feel weird to me.

    Play what you like.

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    Small thing: shield block is not avoidance.

    There are some handy primers for understanding the different survival tools which may be helpful coming from a druid, I put this together a while back: Practical Survival

    Like Nerfme said, though, play what's fun, try them all out. Each class has its own feel and appealing qualities on play style, and its own strengths and weaknesses in tanking.
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    Druids, in an stereotypical over-generalizing way, are the soak tanks. Soak tank generally means higher health but lower avoidance. This translates to more damage, but a good bit of wiggle room for your healers. Druids are excellent main tanks, and having one will make learning new encounters "significantly" easier given their higher effective health.

    I would agree that (theoretically) you should play a non-druid tank. In 10 man raids it is difficult to use every piece of gear that drops, and as such it would advantageous for the guild to NEVER have three of the same class in the raid. My final verdict for your dilemma is paladin or warrior. I like Satorri's "play what is fun" advice, this is a game and you should be enjoying yourself. BUT if you think you'll enjoy any of the tanking classes then, in your situation, I would grab a paladin or a warrior.

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    OK, thx u alot for ur replys, the thing is im new at this, as i said i will do a tank to help my guild.

    Srry about the part i said shield block is avoidance, i thought it was.

    Anyway if possible i wan't to know the advantages of the 3 classes i can do to tank with my guildie.

    and if possible how works in stats, i'm very noob atm about tanks, but i hope i can learn alot here.

    So if i understood correctly, the avoidance is parry and dodge.

    In that case i see dk, paladin and warrior are equal on the same avoidance status.

    ofc i suppose each of them have their own advantages.

    i heard tanks need to work with hit and expertise to do more tps.

    Please srry my noobism, but if i can have some explications

    I wrote here with intention of read replys and i choosed wich class i will lvl up. but i'm still confuse. The thing here is not if i like or not. i want to help my guild, so i will do the better classto play with the drood, very simple too me, Basicly i will adapt to the class i will do, so please i insist on which class the guys who replied will choose on my situation and why u will choose that.

    Srry my boring text, but im seriously trying to find the best, with the bests.

    Thank u for replys and for read this

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    Really the best advice is to play what you enjoy. A quick summary of each tanking classes strengths and weakness' may help.

    Warriors were the first tanking class, they are the most common type of tank by representation. Warriors use a priority based threat system. What that means is you use the highest threat move that is available. It is a dynamic style of tanking. Further there are two timers to be concerned with, swing timer and GCD. Warriors have mid range avoidance, health, and armor.

    Warbringer - Spell - World of Warcraft allows for easy movement around the battlefield. Warriors must move to their target as the vast majority of their threat abilities are limited to melee range.

    Interrupts, spell reflect, and stuns. Warriors are excellent at preventing mobs from casting.

    Very well rounded tanks. Warriors don't do anything the best, but do everything well.

    Warriors provide some of the best debuffs in the game, such as sunder armor, imp thunderclap, imp demo shout.

    Rage - a tricky resource mechanic to manage. Difficult to manage when off tanking.

    Reactions - warriors rely on Sword and Board - Spell - World of Warcraft. Therefore a priority based system is used for threat generation. This can be difficult to grasp for some players at first.

    AOE tanking - warrior AOE tanking requires tab targeting, no other class does.

    Stats - Warriors must balance more stats then other tanks (conversely they benefit from more stats then other tanks)


    Paladins rely on a set rotation to generate threat. They are the premier blocking tanking and absolutely pwn multiple mobs at once. Paladins have many threat abilities that can be used at medium to short range. Absolutely great cooldowns in 3.2. Paladins can play as all three arch type roles for your offspec, healing, tank, and dps. Paladins have excellent mitigation from shield block, great stam modifiers (even tho base starting stam is lower) and amazing threat generation. Many threat moves are spells.

    Set Rotation - 9, 6, 9 rotation (a refrence to the cool down timers of each speel iirc) is simple for many players, it doesn't require reaction to procs like warrior tanking and is an easier (imo) rotation then DK's.

    Amazing AoE tanking.

    Amazing blocking.

    2 taunts.

    Mana for a resource.


    No interrupts.

    Can be frustrating dealing with silencing effects.

    Have to play a blood elf.

    Can be squishier then other tanks on hard, slow hitting bosses. (not so much anymore)

    Death Knights

    DKS are unique tanks, you get to tank with a huge 2 hander, you can tank in any tree as long as you select the correct talents. They have mid pack heath (now) and great avoidance and armor/mitigation. Tanking with a DK is often cooldown based as you have a great number of cooldowns to employ. A well played DK tank is awesome, a mediocore one is terrible.


    Excellent AOE tanking.

    Cooldowns for a variety of different situations.

    Many different Tank specs.

    DK's have 2 taunts (one which physically brings the target to you, great for casters), an interrupt, and a silence.

    Starts at lvl 55

    Rune based resource system, means a steady, predictable resource.


    Can be susceptible to spike damage if not properly employing coold downs.

    More difficult rotation, as it changes dependent on spec.


    Personally I play a warrior (which is why that summary is more detailed).

    Generally a shield tank is a great compliment to a druid tank, as they are very different and each others strengths are often the others weakness. Also there will be tons of trinkets and jewelery the druid tank won't use.

    As was posted previously, the most important thing is you play what you enjoy.

    Be a Champion, not a hero.


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