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Thread: Warrior Tank - Weird Build/Gears Choice

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    Warrior Tank - Weird Build/Gears Choice

    A friend of mine is currently guilded with this warrior tank, which is also the MT of the guild. It looks to me that his build is all over the place for being an MT, and he has poor choice of Glyphs. He has close to 0 hit rating and socketed all his gems with +30 sta. I have never seen such a poor build and poor choice of enchants and gems before, but wanted to get a second opinion...

    His armory:
    The World of Warcraft Armory

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    His spec was extremely popular when wraith first launched. And it should still work fine today. unless you are working on TOC 25 Hard modes.

    If he likes that spec he should take the point out of anger management and put it back into deep wounds.

    As for his gems I mean.. they are fine. with the current content there are a lot of fights that require soaking magic damage and stamina is best for that. He has plenty of expertise to make up for some of the lack of hit.

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