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Thread: Coliseum Lord Jaraxxus

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    Can't help with mistresses but I would guess he may not have been oneshotted but had legionflame or something else at the same time, as I've never experienced that problem, wowwiki says their does 50% of target's hp so you may have just been unlucky with other random damage but you can't interupt them.

    Infernals are a pain. But a couple of things that might help, mark the first one that spawns (not a skull as DBM uses that) and make sure dps focus fire. You can banish them in normal, and if you go this route banish the second one, you should have reasonable agro on the first by the time the third spawns, kill first and third, unbanish and kill second. Vigi (if your OT is a warrior) helps with taunts. They will fly off and "hellfire" nothing you can do about them heading off and if agro is high enough they will come back when they finish (the actual channeling can be interupted in normal mode), interupting also helps as dps has less time when you actually aren't hitting it to cause agro problems.

    As MT you can also taunt anything you see heading in the wrong direction and let the OT taunt off you when he has a moment.
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    Melee heavy comp

    Our guild is renowned for being melee heavy. Yesterday was our first foray into ToC10 (we're a very young guild, and just catching up on the progression ladder) and we downed the beasties after a few attempts. However, when we got to Jaraxxus, we knew we had a problem. See if you can figure out as I just go over our raid comp--

    Pally MT/healer (healed for this fight), Pally OT (tanked adds), Boomkin/bear (tanked Jaraxxus), 2 dps DKs, 1 Pally healer, 1 tree, 1 shammy healer, 1 lock, and 1 rogue.

    Doing the math for who we had available to dps for this fight as our boomkin had to tank so our MT could help w/ heals, we were left w/ exactly 1 ranged dps.

    Our shaman was in charge of purging, and that was working well. However, when infernals spawned, they took forever to get killed with only 1 ranged.

    I can think of only 2 ways to fix this-- either recruit another ranged (which we are trying to do, but it won't happen by the next raid time), or have the DK's set up a macro to toss Deathcoils at the infernals. And possibly let them go beat on them as often as their anti-magic shell is up.

    Any other suggestions?
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    Checking this thread - I see 2 other people posted issues with Pally's OTing this fight.

    Any advice from pally tanks that tank this successfully is greatly appreciated.

    Picking up the mistresses of pain I don’t have an issue with. But the infernal are impossible. They seem to ignore taunts and when I move closer to pick them up - I loose agg on one I have. Please any advice.
    Is it best as the OT to stand in one place and try taunting them to you? What’s the best way to do this?

    Thanks in advance

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    As a pally tank, what I tend to do is go to where the first one lands. Shield of Righteous+Judgement on it. Use hand of Reckoning on the 2nd (for the damage + taunt), and Avenger's shield the third one. Somewhere in there I toss a consecration when 2 or more of them are in the same spot as me.

    It's important to note, they don't necessarily ignore taunt, but when they fly across the screen they root themselvse and hellfire repeatedly. It is useless to taunt them as it will wear off long before they finish pumping out hellfire and you really didn't lose aggro to begin with most likely.

    The main thing is make sure you have a main assist for the infernals and that all the DPS are focus firing one at a time. If you do this, then after they finish hellfiring, they will run back to you...people just need to learn to move away from them or interrupt the hellfire. Focus on the one that is being focus fired by DPS and keep Consecration and the occasional Avenger's Shield or Judgement on the others.

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    Thanks for the info Jere. Much appreciated

    I tried in the past to spam Hand of Reckoning or Righteous Defense to pull targets and AOE to keep ones focused on me that i had.
    I then spend too much time focused on the far targets and loose agg on the close ones.
    What do you use to hold the targets that you have agg on - from loosing it while pulling far ones ?
    Consecration is the main and Hammer of the Righteous is second for me - is Holy Wrath effective in this encounter ?

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    Okay I am having a problem with just the adds. My death knight is blood tank so they stick me on the main boss. But the Infernals end up destroying us.... So what should I do?

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