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Thread: A way to fix warrior AoE threat?

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    I wouldn't mind just seeing demoralizing shout have a decent amount of threat. It keeps us to the non-pally magic using and takes advantage of a tool we already have.

    "Your string of obscenities and jibes you shout at your oppenents pisses them off to no end and makes them fight you with more fervor"...

    If you do not have any regrets then go out and get some.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knighterrant81 View Post
    If you have one class where you have to ask to wait for sunders, only single target dps, use CC like we did back in BC, and three classes who can AE trash down with a minimum of effort, which class do you think people are going to pick?

    /1 LF Tank for Heroic Shattered Halls, no warriors, please.

    I said nothing about waiting for sunders? I said nothing about using CC? I said nothing comparing the different abilities of the different tanking classes. Each type of tank brings something special to the table and to whine that tank "A" doesnt have the same abilities as tank "B" is generic and deserves to be posted in the wow forums.

    Honestly if your dps is paying attention and not just spammin every AOE ability they have nonstop and your tank is doing his job correctly your not going to have problems. I don't.

    I have been tanking on my warrior for a bit over three years now and I can honestly say that if you compare my ability to AOE tank a pack of 6 mobs now versus pre-tbc that the current abilities that came with this xpac have increased the ease of it by about 80%.

    There once was a time when you ran dungeons were you had to CC mobs in normal 5mans and heroic 5mans or your party would be guranteed to wipe. There once was a time where dps had to wait for you to get good aggro on the first mob while tabbing around to other mobs and you truely had to worry about the druid healer actually getting heal aggro. Such is not the case anymore. I havent used CC one single time since wotlk was released in a dungeon or raid. I can count the times on one hand were dps has pulled aggro off me and when asked what happened they always say "err I got excited" or some such stupid comment. Were once before anything over a 4mob pull was considered hard and suicidal now is considered "I better use demo shout and shield block in case the healer is lazy.

    I suggest if your having problems holding aggro then only a couple of things could be your cause: 1) your dps is stupid and watching the dps meters too much or 2) your doing soemthing wrong and need to research your class more.

    If you doubt my sincerity in a warriors ability to effectivly AOE tank come to Blackhand and run a dungeon with me and see if its easy to get aggro? Im online from 5pm-10pm server time every day. I look forward to any tells for runs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sud View Post
    -1 button consec, 1 button BB... how many do you press to keep cleave/TC/ShW nonstop? during which you have to painfully position everything in front of you? and then how many mobs do your cleaves hit, out of say 12?...
    That's a fairly gross overgeneralization. Pallies do more than simply lay consecration or else we would lose aggro to DPSers. Granted Consecration is better than say TC, but we can't simply rely on only consecration when we have good DPS. There is tab targetting, we use AS, HotR, etc. as well.

    Again, I am not arguing it is not easier, but making it into a one button AoE spam fest is very incorrect. Warrior AoE tanking definitely takes more skill and is harder to do, but don't misrepresent other classes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomHuxley View Post
    I'd be ok with uncapping cleave as long as it isn't 360 (i.e. a frontal cone would be ok). Come on guys, it's just not THAT hard to position yourself when AOE tanking. I really, really don't want a DnD/Consecrate sort of spell; I don't mind working a little harder, I just don't want the results of my hard work to be noticeably inferior. Give me a cleave that hits 4 targets and is cheap and maybe a 5% boost to TC DPS and I'll out-AOE tank most pallies and DKs any time.
    The "server improvements" that happened about a year ago that also "improved" mob pathing (I'm guessing they mean "takes less server resources") and as a result seems to make mobs estimate where things are going to be and pre-emptively run there REALLY makes it hard to position mobs when you don't have a wall to put your back up against. If you don't believe this issue exists, play a pet class and sick the pet on a mob. Upwards of 50% of the time they will repeatedly guess where the other is going to be and run behind eachother, dancing off into the moonlight and more mobs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by veneretio View Post
    Cleave hitting in a frontal cone is still the best improvement I've read suggested.
    Why not have it 360 since for some reason mobs like to stand behind me even after I reposition. Doesn't matter anyway Greg Street doesn't think warrior aoe is even an issue there hasn't been one blue post about it. Our aoe is what it is they don't consider your concerns on it a concern to them.

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    Hi, A while back I had the ususal AoE threat Problems, and every now and then still do if the DPS go overboard.

    However the best solution I came up with was to have 2 active toolbars that I swap (the Bottom left and number 2 Toolbars can switch on SHIFT up or Shift down or mouse click in Normal UI).
    1st is set up for Single target threat under buttons 1 to 5 and 2nd has the AoE tools, (Swap HS for Cleave, TC instead of CB) on those buttons, No searching nice and Easy. Ohh and Glyph of Sunder for 2 targets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purinna View Post
    I can count the times on one hand were dps has pulled aggro off me and when asked what happened they always say "err I got excited" or some such stupid comment.

    I suggest if your having problems holding aggro then only a couple of things could be your cause: 1) your dps is stupid and watching the dps meters too much or 2) your doing soemthing wrong and need to research your class more.
    I am married to a Fire Mage. She uses the term dialing back to describe the phenomenon above. The first few pulls of a dungeon she goes easy and watches Omen to see how well the tank can hold aggro. If she makes a mistake and underestimates the tank based off those pulls (and dies) she'll say something like "I got excited" and turns her DPS down further because the tank cannot compensate for the threat. She doesn't typically need to do this with Paladins or skilled Death Knights. Druids and Warriors are more problematic so she goes very slow and uses Frost Nova to keep the mobs centered on the tank and she blocks on those pulls that Nova isn't enough.

    Strong DPS'ers are usually too busy to watch damage meters during a fight. I've witnessed her output 18k DPS during 30 second periods with AOE and I'm sure other people have seen enormous Fire DPS/Threat totals recently. The best tanks are the ones that allow her to come closest to her theoretical maximum damage without having to treat the mobs as if they weren't being tanked at all. Right now Warriors are the bottom of the pack though with lower hp mobs the Shockwave stun effect works in some cases. She enjoys playing with Paladin tanks the most because they force her to wait around the least.

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