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Thread: How can I help the healers

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    yep to communication being huge....a heads up helps a lot, even if I'm anticipating it....

    for judging healing output, I would recommend worldoflogs.com

    the way that website's logs work, it includes things like uptime on shields, and actually includes dmg reduction and shields as healing in disc priest stats....not uncommon for me to see my stats near bottom on recount (wonder what the heck I was doing during the fight, lol) and then check my log and see what was going on....also seems to quantify healadin stats better...but most importantly, you can tell who was healing whom and when and with what spell....that is huge....especially for exposing the "whack a mole" or situational needs....I run with healbot, and it takes intentionality to make sure I'm aware of the environment (thank god for dbm), but I find that because I run healbot all the time, I'm virtually automatic with it, so I can be more aware during ony fights, etc....so there are advantages to just about any set up, depending on how you work it...worldoflogs helped me a lot to see a much better picture of how I'm healing when and where I was screwing up...much better tool for diagnosing than recount, which does at least tell you what spell people are casting most on whom, but that's about it...

    as for helping healers, knowing your own limits as a tank is nice, but really just working together, owning it when you screw up a pull, checking before a big pull, knowing when something is going to be a big pull, etc...I enjoy the challenge sometimes, and more than one tank that I run regularly with tries to wipe the group on heroics because we've worked together enough that we know what the other one is capable of, and we're geared way beyond it, so its fun....once again, lots of time together, lots of communication, etc...invite healers consistently....get to know particular healers....and know your stuff, and let the healer know where you're getting your info...how do you think I found this website? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverhoof View Post
    I love you....
    Oi! I said that! Love meeee!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gretchin View Post

    Also, if you really really would like to learn start a alt that you can heal with and heal some instances. The first time you heal a instance you will see all the tank's mistakes and be irritated on that. The second time it's pretty much the same. But maybe the third time you will learn what you could have done to cover for others mistakes. And that's the first step on learning what healers can do and can't do - experience it.
    I did just that! And, you're so right! First time, I was so irrated, because I could see a lot more of the mistakes than I ever could as tank. I mean, the tank charging ahead of me, and dying, before I could get a heal off, the dps warr, who'd pull aggro from the tank, and then run away from both of us! (ok, well that was just funny). I still need more practice, but yes, by the third instance, I was more focused on trying to stay ahead of their mistakes, than I was in kvetching about them!

    I also think the most help I could have, especially as a newbie healer, is to not forget I'm there--talk to me, and let me know what's happening...I need to know positioning, too. Then, if it still goes crazy on us, I can laugh it off, too...and, be nice to me...I carry your life in my awesome healing powers!
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