I've been reading the various guides on Tankspot, and I remember aspects of the game feeling like a graduate level course, its gotten even more complicated, but thats is a good thing. =D

I'm trying to find a guide that groups Instances / 10 / 25 mans in terms of diffuclty and groups them together. Something like:

Group A
(You can tank these day one level 80 in crap gear)
- Random 5 mans A,B,C

I did read the guide about "best pre-nax" gear and Cider helms post about crafted/heroic dropping gear (although im a bit unsure about what is "heroic worthy" to start tanking heroics to farm this "easy to get gear".

Group B
(You can tank these once you have all good blues)
-Random 5 Mans A,B,C

Group C
(You can tank these once you have mostly epics and the very good blues)
- Heroics
- 5 Man A, B , C
- Easy 10 mans

Group D
(Need all decent epic gear)
- 10 man ABC
- 25 man ABC

Group E
(You need pretty much the best sub-final endgame gear for these)
- 10 man ABC
- 25 man ABC

Is there such a post / guide like this somewhere?

Thanks in advance.