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Thread: Relatively new DK frost tank with questions

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    Relatively new DK frost tank with questions

    Any and all help/advice will be greatly appreciated. Here is my situation:

    Bought WoW in April 2009, played a warrior to 55, made a DK and love love love it (even after the nerfs). I've been at 80 for approx 1 month and I'm trying to continue progressing both with my player and overall knowledge.

    Tank armory info:
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Summary of what I've learned/been told are most important tank stats (in no particular order)

    Health - 27k unbuffed
    Hit Rating - 276
    Expertise - 23
    Defense - 550
    Dodge - 24.51
    Parry - 17.51

    In the past I've tanked heroics and been an offtank for 10 mans. I'd like to continue improving to where I could main tank 10 man encounters without the healer having to work themselves to death. I'm not in a big hurry to do 25 mans, I'm mainly playing because I enjoy the game not to be the 'biggest and baddest' out there. However, I do want to keep improving and not waste gold on chants/gems/gear based on incorrect assumptions.

    What stats need improving the most from my current build? Ex: I know my dodge & health both need to be buffed - which should take priority if I get a new gem slot?

    Are there any caps I need to get to in order to be able to main tank 10 mans that I'm not at currently?

    Is there a piece of gear that I need to put a diff enchant/gem on? (Note: I am 450 smithy so belt buckles/bracer socket/glove sockets are on all items)

    I have also been told that with the latest patch the only viable way for DK's to tank is if we dual wield but I'm hesitant to lose stoneskin gargoyle which can only go on a 2handed weapon. If there are any thoughts or another post that has already addressed this issue please let me know.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    To tank dual-wield style, you need hit and Expertise capped. As it stands now, you've got Howling Blast glyphed AND you're over 540 def rating. Take the two points out of icy reach unless you PVP in frost a lot, and dump them into Two-Hander Specialization. Replace your sigil, since you shouldn't be using icy touch anyway, with Sigil of Awareness if you can get your hands on it. Pretty sure its an Emblem of ___ Item.. I just forget what fills in the blank. Sadly, after a 17 hour shift, well.. I'm not gonna look it up. I r burnt. I'll check this thread out later and edit to include a rotation too, because I think it's bed time. Sorry I couldn't be more help, but I hope you at least got something intelligent out of this little rant Happy tanking!
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    Quote Originally Posted by KT6884 View Post
    I have also been told that with the latest patch the only viable way for DK's to tank is if we dual wield ...
    Wrong. Look up my spec. I do well, even after the nefs. I pretty much got one shotted when I tried DW'ing.

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