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Thread: AOE Threat Problems Since 3.2

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    AOE Threat Problems Since 3.2


    I've tanked several heroics since the patch and most of the time I have problems with aoe threat. Pre-patch I never had problems unless someone didn't follow marks. My gear is mostly Naxx10 level I would guess. I was hoping someone could take a look at my gear/talents/gems/glyphs/rotation and let me know if anything should be changed after the patch. Keep in mind I try to build my character for tanking heroics more than raids.

    I'm assuming that more geared people are running heroics now because of the conquest badges and the triumph badges from the daily. I don't know if my dps is just outgearing me now or if they are aoe'ing to early so they can brag about meters. I always vigilance the dps warriors, pally's or dk's. Yesterday a Shaman was pulling off me with chain lightning. I never had a Shaman pull off me pre-patch. My rotation is shoot gun, heroic throw, charge, thunderclap, shockwave, demo shout, then I ss first kill target and start tab-sundering. I always thunderclap, shockwave, ss, revenge when they are up.

    I really enjoy my warrior but when dps dies I often blame myself unless they are doing something like single targeting the last kill target at the start of the pull. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    not an expert..but you dont need one to tell you that
    1. warrior are not the best aoe tanks
    2. its not your fault (alteast always) when dps dies

    For me the "kill the skull first" rule is everything..if someone decides that it will be nice to nuke another mob..well..."you aggro it...you tank it"
    after all dps ppl can use the dps meter..why not the threat meters

    u can always add some spikes on the shield to increase aoe threat

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    Heroics are tricky if you have high-level DPS:ers esp. with warriors having a level of "start up time" in terms of AoE tanking. Since patch 3.2 things have just gotten better for us but it's also gotten better for some DPS classes. Seeing I haven't ever seen you play I can't say this or that is bad but from my experiance is:

    - Use a skull mark, have the dps kill it before doing AoE
    - Vigilance a melee with high aggro, if he takes it he will be hit early and you'll refresh your taunt
    - Taunt, don't be afraid too use this as a means of crowd control if you may

    On a four pack scene a trick is to charge in on the primary target marked with a skull. Thunder clap to get the pack on you, shield slam the main target to kill then shockwave (or vice-versa). Now focus on other targets for a bit, as soon as you see "loosing threat" jump back to the skull, taunt, and focus threat a bit till it's dead.

    It's not uncommon I disregard a few mobs either, you might have one at 25% that you've lost threat on to say a lock. Shield bash is (daze) or stun it and it will likely die before it reaches anyone in an heroic scenario. Don't waste abilities on things not needed too.

    But tanking a heroic vs raid is still a bit of a dilemma. Our rage in-take even with 5/5 Shield Spec isn't overwhelming but it works better than before at least. Shaping your gear for heroics is also very good.

    Key items and stats:
    - 2xT8
    - 2xT7
    - Grim Toll
    - Hit cap
    - Expertise cap

    If you're not raiding the above might be hard to get but try to get as much of it as possible.

    Looking at your armory Valor Medal of the First War isn't the best of items to go for. If threat is an issue find a dps-trinket instead (Grim Toll from 25 man Naxx or there is a decent +hit trinket from Nexus heroic). You CAN also drop to 535 defense in heroics so you know. With the new badge-system I'd look into getting 2 T8 pieces also.

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    Looking over your spec, it is important to max out your Improved Thunder Clap and Incite talents. A lot of Warrior AOE threat is based on is Thunder Clap damage, crits, and Deep Wounds.
    Stay strong. Stay smart. All heart.

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    Rotation and positioning is important. If you need to cover more than 2-3 targets, then you should be working in more Shockwaves, and when you do shockwave, make sure you kite them abit before you shockwave so that you line them up to get hit, as some might be outside the cone if you are not careful.

    One particular fight I am struggling with as a healer on a warrior tank is P2 of the Dark Knight in Heroic Trial of Champions. As soon as they come up, warrior TCs, shockwaves, and manages to get about 80%, but not 100%, and those few start to munch on healers or dps. And even if he does get some aggro, they ghouls will leap out to healers. Again, proper positioning and timing of the TCs and shockwaves would help here, I think.

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    Yep I said it, Charge.

    If you want to hold aggro on groups of mobs as a warrior you have to have a head start, you just have to.

    Charge, TC, flip around so you are facing your group back up away from them to group the mobs up for a Shockwave, then do aforementioned Shockwave, then TC again as soon as it is up. Toss a Shield Slam in there on the skull marked target, Cleave as you are able, and finish up by tabbing and Devastating(Shield Slam or Revenge if it is up in place of Dev) and TC anytime the cooldown is up.

    If you can get that all in place in a regular order you should really have no problems aoe tanking. If you don't Charge though, your DPS will pull off you all the time.

    p.s. have a good relationship with your healer, let them know what you are planning and make sure they aren't drinking as you go zipping off.

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    Thanks for the tips everyone. I have thought about changing my spec to max tc and incite and I'll probably figure out what to drop to do that. As far as the other advice I pretty much already do all those things. I think I just had a few bad groups after 3.2 hit because I've done many heroics since without to much of a problem. I always armory even for heroics and people make fun of me for doing it but 95% of my groups clear quick. Thanks again.

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