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Thread: Bear Tank Guidance

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    Bear Tank Guidance

    Hey there! I wouldn't say that I'm completely blind about my class, or how to tank... However, there are a few things that are evading me. Although it very well might be just blind perception? Hm. Regardless, here's my Armory Link. It should be my tank gear and spec!

    A few questions:
    - Where should I be looking for a new weapon? Is there something in Uld 25 that I haven't seen yet? (Twisted Visage is tempting, but... The lack of armor makes me hesitant?) Perhaps from the new raid that just arrived in a few weeks? Just a little nudge here would be appreciated!

    - Boots wise, I'm getting Footpads of Silence crafted shortly. A slight hit to HP, but a big boost otherwise... (Seriously lacking on hit, in general!)... is this a smart move? Do the boots from IC have better potential?

    - Helm wise, I'm holding out for my Tier piece for the short term -- however, is there something else I ought to be on the lookout for? It seems like tanking wise, most of the helms are pretty close to each other...

    - Cloak wise, I've got the 10 man Vezax sitting in my bags, but the parry on it makes me want to cry! Should I equip it anyways (slight increase?), or keep trying to get Cat-Lady to drop hers for me (... although we can't field a 25-man at this point. >_<) Barring that one, what else should I look at?

    - Belt wise, the EoC belt, yes?

    If you have any other tips gear wise, it would be very helpful!

    On other notes:
    I feel really really squishy sometimes... Is this the RNG hating on me and my dodge? Or is there something I can be doing to make it a little bit easier on myself and healers? Last night in 10-ToC, it felt like I was dropping really fast. I know my dodge dropped a tad (3-4%?), but it felt like a lot more.

    Threat wise, I don't think I have a problem other than my low (zomg, so low!) hit. FFF, Mangle, Lacx5, then use Mangle and FFF every cooldown and swipe unless I'm about to drop the Lac. I work in Demo Roar every now and again too. Is there anything else I can do to buff that?

    Last but not least, my cooldown uses!

    I try and use my trinket every cooldown. I try to use Barkskin for big boss abilities (or every CD on trash). I generally save Regen for when I drop below 40%, and the same for Surv Inst.... Should I be using this stuff any differently?

    Thank you for your time!

    Small Edit:
    Currently, my guild has access to Uld 10 (Up to/through Vez). We are suffering from Summer Fallout, so we haven't been able to field the 25-man raids in a few weeks.
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