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Thread: (prot) Impale/DW and crit rating

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    (prot) Impale/DW and crit rating

    If you pick up Impale/DW, how much crit rating do you need to really make it worth it? I was thinking about speccing this way to make AOE tanking easier, but I realized that if I can't pump 2 points into cruelty, at my 5+% crit rating, the whole spec might not be worth it.

    The two points would come from shield specialization or Gag Order. I'm not sure which one yet.

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    It works fine with no points in cruelty.

    Many of the talents in the prot tree cause your attacks to crit more, for example, incite fully talented increases the crit chance of thunder clap, cleave, and HS by 15%. You do not need cruelty by any means to successfully AoE tank as a warrior.
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    If you're worried about it, grab a crit trinket and scarf down some delicious crit food.

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